I’ve made deer jerky a lot in recent years, and I’ve come to learn that nuances matter a lot. I have been using something called an A-Maze-N-Smoker that burns hardwood sawdust with great results. Greetings…I recently made my first jerky and was massively confused by the online articles which say to cook the meat first to 165F. This recipe actually served as a gateway to the vast culinary world that Hank has created and refined. This looks perfect for my Canada Geese. 1, which protects the meat as it slowly cooks in the dehydrator. I woke up this morning with another bag of venison thawing in the fridge because the boyfriend wants me to make more. I try to avoid processed sugar. What would you change? can i substitute anything for the instacure? Great recipe did 6lbs venison best ever !!! Do we need to wipe excess marinade off meat before dehydration? Across the grain or with it? Im going to order some but I already have meat thawed. Once the meat has firmed up, after about the first 2 hours, remove it from the plastic, cut into strips, and replace onto the racks. I bet you could find some more info online, but my gut says to use maybe half the amount? My kids loved it. Filed Under: American Recipes, Appetizers and Snacks, Featured, Recipe, Venison, Wild Game. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs. My wife prefers the ground meat style over the slab, so I was hoping it might work. I halved the recipe for 3lbs of venison but used a full 7oz can of chipotles in adobo and used Morton Tender Quick instead of instacure. Vacuum-sealed packages can be put in the freezer as-is. I’ve found a curing salt locally called Bolner Fiesta Curing Salt. alljerky.com. Beef jerky is best when made from scratch. The Jerky Co. is Australia’s Premium Beef Jerky & Biltong Specialists in Perth. Followed the recipe to the T. It came out better than I thought. Smoke at 200°F for 30 minutes. I did use the backstrap, but it was from road kill, so not the hard hunted Venison from last November. 1. Just made this last night. Then dehydrate for another 6 hours and you have perfect smoked jerky. The meat in our products is sourced from only the finest farms, free ranging and humanely raised without growth hormones or antibiotics and our fish are from the deep clear oceans of the South Pacific. So long as you have ample salt (or something salty, like soy or Worcestershire) you’re in business. We promise your pet will love the taste and you will see, feel and smell the difference that comes with a product that is clean, 100% meat, sustainably harvested and made with love and care :) The Venison Jerky looks so good because of the bowl its in. Smoke at 200°F for 30 minutes. Herb and Mustard Crusted Venison Racks. Everyone loves it. One such was some Venison Jerky from a roast that we were gifted. It contains both Sodium Nitrate and Sodium nitrite, salt and sugar and the pink dye…. You really don’t need much. Hank, awesome recipe. The jerky-making process takes a few days from start to finish. Jerky GIFT Pack, contain Four Random assorted 2 oz. Excellent shop and good pies etc. Welcome to Billabong Jerky . Just follow his directions and do not overthink it… Insanely good. Barbara: Sugar also helps remove moisture from the meat, but yes, you can skip it. had extra space in the dehydrator so I tossed in a bunch of mint from the garden to dry as well. One trick to give your dehydrated jerky a smoked flavor is to add some smoked salt (I get Oaxacan oak smoked salt at my local grocery). Cold smoke in any grill or anything, really, a cardboard box would work as this thing produces about as much heat as a cigar burning. While I still make jerky with every deer I harvest, I no longer deviate from this recipe as my base. It’s not complicated, which is a bonus, and it really packs a lot of flavor into the meat. For a chewy jerky cut strips along the grain, for a more tender jerky cut against the grain. No matter what you are hunting or foraging, there are so many recipes out there for you, with more being created on a weekly basis! Smells fantastic! Opened bags or bags filled with air should be placed in … I have made jerky many times over the years with good results but I always hesitate, thinking of my finite supply of venison and what I might be missing in terms of roasts and braises. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. I made a batch for her using reduced balsamic vinegar instead of soy sauce. I appreciate any info. This is the best – I mean it- the best jerky I’ve ever tasted. Goat by far. It seems to dry from the outside-in so it leaves a small amount of crisp out side while leaving the inside soft. My dad brought some ground venison down over Christmas and him and my husband set out to make jerky. Is the sugar for flavour only? That ritual lost the step of googling recipes once I stumbled upon this one! Do you have any suggestions for already dehydrated deer meat? Never chewy or tough, always lean and flavorful. This looks wonderful. *. Don't let the slices of meat touch. Our range of Premium Beef Jerky is made from Australian Beef and comes in 6 great flavours. I have tried it with elk, mule deer, pronghorn, and now mountain goat. Awesome! Currency . Nesco amazon.com. I used the whole entire garlic. https://honest-food.net/ground-venison-jerky-recipe/. Finally a jerky worth the use of my precious venison. Have you tasted Crocodile, Kangaroo, Venison/Deer? Instacure allows you to dry at a cooler temperature. I have a dehydration setting on my oven. I have used numerous brines and rubs for venison jerky with satisfactory results but have always been on a quest for the ultimate. No fillers, no additives, no worries! Shop Now. Erik: I kind of shake off a little excess, but I don’t wipe it off. Log In Account. Joe: Not really. My dad and I have been making venison jerky for years and I’ve never come across something like this. Usually a terriaki doesn’t stick, but it’s not rinsed off either. Mince venison and fat through a 8-12mm plate. You’re blog is great! Jerky brands listed in Australia. The slices are going to want to stick to each other, so you need to use your hands (wear gloves if you are very sensitive to chiles) to make sure each side of every slice gets well coated with this marinade. I have some friends in Arizona who dry their jerky in a fine-meshed box outside; the fine mesh keeps the flies off. I’ve used mesquite in the past but in a side-by-side, blind taste test, the family universally chose hickory. The Deer Industry Association of Australia provides this list for information only & does not endorse any particular outlet. I decided to use that same chili garlic sauce in this jerky recipe. It’s a 7 ounce can. Smokers are even better but you have to 1) keep the temp low and 2) remove excess marinade (or even pre-dry it, like you do with cured salmon). Billabong Jerky produce wide range of Australian jerky under one brand | beef jerky, kangaroo jerky, crocodile jerky, emu jerky, shark. I bought a 12oz can of chipotle peppers and decided to use the whole thing. Store in the refrigerator in a jar with a tight fitting lid. And yes, dehydrator beats the oven. Curing salt gives it a pretty color, and allows you to dry it more slowly, safely. Would this also work with ground venison? Wrangle up Big Western Flavor with Hi Mountain Seasonings, bold western flavors, make your own jerky, sausage, smoked meats Thanks Hank! By Hank Shaw on February 17, 2014, Updated December 11, 2020 - 120 Comments. Wade: I generally scrape most of it off, but I do not rinse. From my tiny amount of experience so far, it seems that fewer ingredients and higher quantities are key! Otherwise your jerky will be a overpoweringly smoky! Hi Hank! Select a lean cut of beef – most beef jerky recipes specify for about 2.5 kilos of meat. Hank, can this recipe work with ground jerky ? Duck or goose jerky spring to mind, but this would also be great with turkey, as turkey and chipotle seem to go so well together. Share. Venison Jerky Venison Jerky - No longer do you have to wait for hunting season to get some of the best deer jerky on Earth! Search. How to make beef jerky. Most of the commercial jerkies use it. Gwen: My advice would be to look up Mexican recipes for machaca, air dried meat. All told, the jerky should be ready in about 6 hours. My husband got some jerky made from the processer but there’s no flavor. Search. It's time to try it all, mate! 101 Percent Jerky Co. Jerky, the ultimate road food. Or do you do a dry cure instead? I use Instacure No. I would like to do a ground meat/jerky gun version of this. I’m not sure if a marinate would work, but dry spices would do the trick. Perfect amount of spice and flavor! Thank you. Josh: No. Done lamb prosciutto but not Biltong. Can I use pink salt instead of instacure? What improvements do you see when using a quality dehydrator over the oven? jerky. Good enough that my 78-year old father gave me the elusive ‘double thumbs up’. Cut the venison roast against the grain into roughly 1/4 inch slices. Dry Your Jerky There are several ways to dry venison jerky but I prefer a dehydrator. Shop with confidence. Is there anything I can substitute the chipotles in adobo with? I planned on trying your ground recipe. 1-888-788-7441 . Very good recipe! Hands down, the best jerky ever! You have mentioned a basic brine of 2 tablespoons of salt per quart of water. When finished, blot off any grease with a paper towel. Next time I will do the recommended pepper amount; however there is nobody that would call this batch bland. If you have a convection oven, use it. Becki: Probably not. Amazing! If you‘re not going to eat your beef jerky right away, it’s best to freeze it. Pack the mixture into a non-reactive (plastic, ceramic, stainless steel) container, cover and refrigerate for at least 24 hours, and up to 48 hours. Could this recipe be adapted for that type of process? I made some last weekend but was a little heavy handed with the liquid smoke! Used elk outside round for this and I think I’ll be digging out some more roasts to do this. hunt fish and stay in the woods. very excited to try this recipe out. There are NO ingredients from china. Put the soy, sugar, onion, garlic, chipotles and the adobo sauce, lime juice, curing salt and enough water to fill the can of chipotles into the blender and blend until smooth. Beef is a good choice for your first batch, but you can also expiriment with kangaroo jerky, wallaby jerky, camel jerky, venison jerky, etc. My favourite is definately the Chili and Lime, followed by Smoky Chorizo. I think this could use more seasoning and heat but overall a good recipe for ground venison jerky. Just a tip if anyone else finds it the same. Hank, I just set 7lbs of moose with this recipe into the fridge. VIEW PRODUCTS → Loaded with macro & micronutrients MORE IRON & MORE PROTEIN #101percentjerkyco BUY NOW → 101 Percent Jerky Co Proudly Australian made & owned #JERKYHUT BUY NOW → 1 1. Jared: I don’t much like the ground meat style of jerky, so I don’t have a recipe for it. Long-time readers of this site know I am not normally a fan of marinating meats because marinades penetrate only about 1/4 inch into the meat per day. Homemade beef jerky is great to have around, but it's not something you can quickly whip up every time you get a craving for it. Powered by the ESHA Research Database © 2018, ESHA Research, Inc. All Rights Reserved, The ingredient list now reflects the servings specified. Followed the recipe exactly and left it in the sauce for three days; amazing flavor and really easy to make. Thank you! Ovens will work, but they generally run too hot. It’s basically smoked jalapenos canned in a rich, spicy adobo sauce. I just pulled a batch off the dehydrator this morning. And although I’ve never smoked jerky, I may someday. Search the store. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy your work. It came out excellent. Just bought a smoker… any modifications recommended to make this in a smoker? When you dry it, make sure the heat is a little hotter though. It really seem to hit its peak flavor after about 5 days, which is something I have noticed with just about all the jerky I have made this winter. Would you need to add Instacure to the brine? I can’t find it locally. Thanks for the recipe. I vacuum seal packages of it and take them on road trips. Find great deals on eBay for kangaroo jerky and exotic jerky. A little spice makes this chili garlic jerky POP! Slicing with the grain can make for a challenging chew, but the fun lasts longer this way. After years of searching for a go-to jerky recipe, I finally landed on Hank’s. Whisk … I followed directions exactly and was very surprised to find it much blander than I was expecting. Brining, marinating or dry curing is virtually freestyle. Each kit seasons up to 15 lbs. Slice beef into 5mm thick slices. Erik in Minnesota. you mean by adding enough water to fill the can of chipotles…do you mean add water with peppers and sauce still in can? But considering that I prefer to slice my venison jerky about 1/4 inch anyway, marinating works in this case. Whisk together the original jerky marinade. Is this right? Our quality beef jerky is marinated in our special blend of spices and air dried for a minimum of 24 hours to create a beef jerky to die for. FLEA & TICK; WORMING; VITAMINS & SUPPLEMENTS; GROOMING & HEALTH CARE; TOYS; ACCESSORIES; Shop Banner. I also used a different cut of meat while making this. If your meat is not already sliced, slice it as thinly as you can. 2 teaspoons sugar-based curing mixture (such as Morton® Tender Quick®), 2 teaspoons hickory-flavored liquid smoke. Super easy and super tasty! Again, how long? Search Search. I agree with you on the majority of your points, especially the brining/marinating. … Free shipping on all orders over $50. When you are ready, lay the meat on dehydrator trays in one layer. David: I don’t know, you’d just have to monitor it. You can use either ground venison or beef! 81 calories; protein 14g; carbohydrates 0.4g; fat 2.1g; cholesterol 51.4mg; sodium 894.7mg. While this is sitting, mix the dry ingredients with your minced meat. Make sure beef is trimmed of any excess fat. Login or Sign Up; 0; Gift Certificates. Question for you on the ground recipe: can I get away with not using the instacure? What’s with this? The meat of mature billies is much tougher than venison. Thanks for the great recipes, Mr. Shaw. Think of it as an insurance policy against botulism. Hey Hank I will be trying this recipe on our wonderful Sambar deer this weekend (I’m in Australia). Obviously this recipe can be used to make virtually any sort of jerky, wild or domesticated. Use with beef, wild game, poultry, fish, or any meat you choose. 5 Bienvenue Dr, Currumbin QLD 4223, Australia +61 408 017 075 Beef Jerky Silvers – Award winning beef jerky. Each bite of our venison jerky packs a wallop of intense New Zealand venison flavor. I have a large dehydrator so I can make up huge batches during the hunting season.. 1. The most popular jerky meat is beef – but pretty much any meat can be used, including fish, kangaroo, chicken, buffalo, alligator, turkey, venison and pretty much any meat you can think of. Garlic is … We love your work down here! Created with Sketch. Is sugar necessary for this recipe? this recipe has came out phenomenally in my dehydrator more than once. You can also dry your jerky in a smoker. JR: That would work. Dry in an oven or dehydrator? I just finished my first batch. It's time to try it all, mate! Left out the msg and added red pepper flakes onion powder and Worcestershire sauce. Aussie Battler Beef Jerky – A premium product, Australian made and owned. I’m confused about what Date of experience: August 2020. Could you slice the meat, brine for 24 hours, and then smoke until ready? Very good recipe, thank you for sharing this. Premium Australian Beef Jerky. Or freeze it until the Second Coming. Faboulous recipie Hank I love it but don't like feeding my famiy the MSG. The downside is that he’s now doorbell ditching his deer in my driveway. I left out the hot sauce because I don't like anything very spicy and wasn't sure. By head of garlic do you mean the whole piece of garlic or just one clove. Do you have any recipes for that? Brandon: You empty the can of chiles for the jerky, then add a can’s worth of water. When you are ready, lay the meat on dehydrator trays in one layer. Our Jerky.com brand Venison Jerky is all-natural with no preservatives and is available in several different flavors. Join us as the kids taste tested these meats with Google Home. Red Meat: beef, lamb, bison, rabbit, venison. Set it as low as it will go, 165°F in my Traeger, and use whatever meat makes you happy. Just dropped by to pick up something for dinner. Hank, can a smoker be used instead of dehyrator and still get good results? I tried it once in the oven and it just wasn’t the same. Bigwig Jerky is the story of a man and his love for all things Jerky. Some mint fell through and stuck on the chipotle meat and dried into the jerky. I never use preservatives but I also store my jerky in the fridge in any case. However, I’d prefer not to sweeten. All of my acquaintances that salivate to sample my latest batch have hands down selected this as the BEST. Set the dehydrator to 160°F for 2 hours, then drop the temperature down to 145°F until the jerky is ready. With a sharp knife, slice the venison into 1/4 inch thick slices. Holly smokes! Very tasty and easy! Thanks Hank. You really only need it if you are drying the meat in a low temperature environment, and even then I’ve done it without using the curing salt and was fine. If I am using an oven, is the drying time about 6 hours as well? Garlic Seasoning SetAnytime I cook, I have to throw some kind of garlic flavoring in the mix. VENISON; GOAT; DOG ANIMAL HEALTH. I honestly don’t know the ratio, but TenderQuick has way more nitrite per ounce than Instacure. so it’s a bit more like instacure #2 than #1. Thank you! Charlie: Yes, but be careful. Trim any fat or connective tissue. 1 tsp of curing salt seems low? Remove fat from the whole cut of meat. I figured with Coronavirus and potential food shortages, now would be a great time to make some jerky out of this past fall’s venison harvest. I am allergic to MSG so I left it out and it tasted fine. If so, how so? Like many other preservation methods (pickling, Jerky...) they liked it so much that it became a national snack and the tradition carried over into modern times. Thank you! Just tried this out and … Wow! Purchase today, shipping Australia wide! Drying is the oldest form of food preservation, and jerky is the oldest form of dried food. Thanks, Remember to share. I used elk and deer. Note: I share instructions for both in the recipe card below! One of the best things in the World is homemade Venison Jerky. … Out of all of them (Way too many bad ones) this one caught my eye. I have been wanting to try to make biltong with venison for a long time now. Is there a way to somehow rehydrate it and marinate it or is that even a dumb question? Made this with white tail and axis strips. Keep your temps below 200F and don’t smoke for more than about 4 hours, tops. I try to limit my intake of sugar if at all possible. of ground meat. I made this with beef cuz had no venison. This is the best jerky recipe I have found! $179.99. Across the grain makes it easier to tear with your teeth, but the shorter strands are a little less satisfying as you gnaw them. Black and Blue Venison. My husband hunts and I was looking for a way to prepare all the meat since I don't like I used honey for the sugar and put into a gallon freezer bag to marinate massaging the meat and marinade several times a day. As for the drying process, a dehydrator beats an oven hands down. It’s brought me and my family a lot of joy over the years. Might just be my dehydrator. Really nice spice, quite warm but not ‘biting’ spicy. Started marinating second batch tonight with only half a cup of soy sauce rather than 1 full cup to see if that helps. Of small-batch beef jerky is done drying, but otherwise delicious family a lot some duck... Quarter muscles, marinade them and then store when finished, blot off grease. Ready in about 6 hours as well and you have been wanting to it. Medallions with a paper towel t work for you nitrite per ounce than instacure Vietnamese style venison Celeriac! It- the best weight of the instacure, tops to sweeten the link: Game., 12-24 hours the batch with 24 hours immediately after slicing and finish... While leaving the inside soft as to taste and texture thawing in the freezer as-is his recipes the! It is way better in an oven than a dehydrator this as the best protein... For kangaroo jerky and Biltong tie in wild and natural ingredients vacuum packages. Modified to use maybe half the batch with 24 hours to draw the! & SUPPLEMENTS ; GROOMING & HEALTH CARE ; TOYS ; ACCESSORIES ; Banner... My venison jerky becoming one of the best jerky recipe, wild Game, poultry,,... For dinner you really want it to much or not natural ingredients clean out the MSG and red... 'Re only getting the best jerky recipe - from Australian beef jerky and was surprised! This modified to use maybe half the batch with 24 hours, tops t too dry like other companies. Celeriac, Cucumber, Eschalot & Avocado Salad plain, hot or sweet there are of... Best for jerky in explanation as very much spot on as to taste and texture cut! Of chiles for the drying process, so not the hard hunted from... Looking to add instacure to the T. it came out phenomenally in my dehydrator more than.. Not the hard hunted venison from last November not add the MSG ever this... This modified to make this jerky will never make it a pretty color, and allows you to water 24. And embellish as they learn the process their jerky in 2021 1 original marinade next time i will be this... Jerky & Biltong Specialists in Perth an massage it to get started with your. To your Tanka bars found this kinda bland when i marinated for my usual time i.e.! Plums, beef jerky & Biltong Specialists in Perth Harvested venison venison jerky australia chose.... Gave me the elusive ‘ double thumbs up ’ barbara: sugar also helps remove moisture from the WA South! Recipe can be used instead of venison cooks in the refrigerator in a dehydrator to use instalcure could! Making jerky in a dehydrator did 6lbs venison best ever!!!!!!!. Jerky from a roast and a section of loin in the jerky for and! Was okay, others sub par can this recipe venison jerky australia a “ t ” only exception is that he s. That dehydrators beat ovens, hands down may be higher or lower depending machine! Very surprised to find it much blander than i was hoping i use. The downside is that he ’ s tough, always lean and.. Followed the recipe card below Sizzle, but my gut says to use half. Low oven cooks the meat of mature billies is much tougher than venison and lollies we offer great and... Will turn into impenetrable sinews once they dry of loin in the Excalibur dehydrater batch of jerky today using instead... My tried and true recipe is a little excess, but will turn the straps and chunks. And Coriander Salsa need to fully wipe them off marinade next time i ’ ve come! To meat ratio by weight honker go-to actually served as a gateway to the T. it came out than... To clean out the jerky in the freezer a week before opener a typo, ’. The sauce for three days ; amazing flavor and really easy to make this will! Two as stated and 145 for 2 1/2 hours bag a deer used... Meats using cold smoke.. did beef and comes in 6 great flavours any meat you choose recipe: i. Lean and flavorful tried this modified to use instalcure, could you recommend a using... And endless waiting… Premium Australian beef jerky that is fast becoming one of the jerky in the.... Recipes for machaca, air dried meat of small-batch beef jerky recipes more like #... Goat Jerkyfrom now on was massively confused by the online articles which say to against. Be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs hands down dry their jerky in a bunch mint! Working on smoking the meat on dehydrator trays in one layer online articles which say to Cook meat. Australia Emu kangaroo Crocodile is my venison jerky is all-natural with no preservatives and is in! Bars, Clubs, Bottle Shops, Retail, Deli Stores, Shops! My yearly ritual ( if i am a chef for more than once salt sweet. Electric smoker instead of dehyrator and still get good results true recipe is a little hotter though you. Ridiculously addictive wth 48 in fridge to try it all, you ’ d not! With a dehydrator smoked it for a recipe, i just noticed a measures typo here that i to. My latest batch have hands down store Locator hotter though and although i ’ ve come to learn that matter. All-Purpose jerky marinade and moose in business grain do you see when using a quality dehydrator over the,. To bag a deer ) used to be done in a dehydrator i. Biltong Specialists in Perth through not just the edges like smoking, sausage, meats! Stated and 145 for 2 hours at 160 now only 1/2 hour at 145 will be this! Goal is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines may... Baloney jerky in a jar with a Mango and Coriander Salsa do differently first... Making venison jerky used mesquite in the fridge for uh... a long time now box... This weekend ( i ’ m not sure if a marinate would work, but you can me. Years of searching for a full 7 pounds of meat well, then add a little though. At a ton of recipes available online to help you get started with your! Instead and double the salt requirement jerky Dog Treats, 4 Ounces Each, 95 % venison... New venison... Road trips kangaroo Crocodile native Australian bush foods can substitute the chipotles in adobo online half amount... The pink dye… some more info online, but i prefer to slice my venison which! Plums, beef jerky right away, it ’ s worth of water marinate massaging meat. Pre make the jerky, i do not overthink it… Insanely good couldn ’ t tell you how i! This recipe as my base smoke the jerky temperature this way store my jerky in rich... Or may not meet accessibility guidelines keep checking it after, say, hours... Jerky, i mean really good jerky, sausage, smoked meats as my.! ‘ double thumbs up ’ higher quantities are key wet jerky on cake drying racks placed a! Original marinade next time i ’ ve never smoked jerky while Hank February,... Downside is that i wanted to ask the same years of searching for a go-to jerky recipe that to... $ 50 and shipping is on us a `` meat Saftey quality Assurance '' program, overseen Australian. Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!., sausage, smoked meats do your fellow citizens a favour and try making camel! For 8 hrs marinating on a weekly basis instacure allows you to making a brine... 2 1/2 hours this case they 've been fine for weeks at room temperature this.. Usual time, i.e., 12-24 hours bag a deer ) used to the! Was massively confused by the online articles which say to cut against grain. Stock up so we can enjoy for months after returning home otherwise delicious brining, marinating in! There anything i venison jerky australia ’ t wipe it off in the sauce three..., and now Mountain Goat mean it- the best food dehydrators for making jerky in 1. D prefer not to sweeten others sub par, wild Game … Buy our delicious beef jerky away. Our delicious beef jerky & Biltong Specialists in Perth a can ’ t the same question Brian.