The questions are set out in a logical sequence. You have the chance of I understand that I must seek to live a life in conformity to God’s expressed will in His word. Name 6. Name the seven sacraments. Q Can you quote a verse to prove this? 18.12 Q Did Christ pre-exist before his birth? 24.8 Q What will conditions be like for the mortal inhabitants? You can also see more about what we offer students and families at St Clare's.. Missionaries meet with the convert many times before this meeting to help them to understand each of these points. What do you 2.) Question: "What is the Catholic understanding of baptism?" 1.3. 17.9 Q Can you recall the message concerning him given by Ezekiel? Sponsors for adults should express the same type of concern for the newly baptized soul, helping to ease the person into Church life and answer questions that may arise. 8.7 Q When we read of Christ “casting out devils”, what does it mean? Godparents are not required to come to this interview. 13.7 Q What request did the people make to Samuel? 1.4. The godparents may light the baptismal candle and/or present the white garment to the child. 20.8 Q What did he command his disciples to do? 25.22 Q What is the duty of employers to their employees? 16.3 Q What request did God grant Solomon? 25.17 Q Is it permissible for a believer to due at law? I had been baptized as a Jr. High School age kid in a Free Methodist church. 4.) If you answer yes to any of the questions entailed in point four, the 17.18 Q How long was Judah in captivity in Babylon? Do you believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the Savior and Redeemer of the world? The interviewing brethren should be certain in their own minds that the candidate has a clear understanding of those doctrines where we differ from other churches. 25.25 Q How often should the believer carry out Christ’s command to “break bread and drink. 23.7 Q What will be the punishment of the wicked? 25.24 Q Is it our duty to preach the Gospel to others? The word baptism often symbolically refers to penances (Mk 10:38-39; Lk 3:16, 12:50). 10.7 Q When will the promises be fulfilled? During a baptism service at Rise, you’ll notice when someone gets in the waters, we have questions we ask them before we baptize them in the water. They asked general interview questions. I give my life now to the Lord Jesus Christ, to learning of Him and following Him, always from now on asking myself ‘What would Jesus do?’ in all situations and feelings I am confronted with in life. But, baptism is not necessary for salvation, though true Christians should be baptized “In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.” Answers to Questions about Baptism Why should we get baptized? It’s a washing away of sin and death. Where will I be baptized? ; The Baptism prayer is the same for infants, … 25.4 Q Can you give a reference to prove the necessity for such separation? 24.2 Q What city will be the capital of the Kingdom of God? In that interview, which generally lasts 15-30 minutes, we obtain the legal information for the records, and answer questions you may have. 25.2 Q Can you give me a verse to prove this? Can someone be baptized twice? The conduct of the interview is a very serious matter and ideally should be carried out by two brethren. 25.28 Q Is it necessary to read the Bible daily? 11.2 Q How many sons did Jacob have? Grace is any gift from God 3.) 10.8 Q As Abraham is dead, how can he receive the fulfilment of the promise? Orthodox and any other Catholic jurisdiction. by | Dec 22, 2020 | Uncategorized | 0 comments | Dec 22, 2020 | Uncategorized | 0 comments 7.12 Q Can you give me a verse to prove this? To emphasize the unity of the two sacraments, it is appropriate that this be one of the baptismal … 25.23 Q What should be our attitude to the pleasures of the world? 17.12 Q What was the work of the prophets? Q What makes a person responsible to God? Orthodox and any other Catholic jurisdiction. One brother should conduct the interview and the other brother should act as a witness. 25.19 Q Can a believer vote or take any part in politics? A reflection on the significance of the sacrament is done at the at end of the interview. 16.9 Q What request did God grant Solomon? In some cases, an interview with the mission president may also be necessary. Catholics have an assurance of salvation if they are … Helping families to get ready for baptism is more than just rehearsing them for the day. these topics, I suggest that you go to a Mormon-related bulletin board (here The primary purpose of the initial session is not only to register for the Baptism preparation process, but also to determine the parents’ intention to raise the child in the Catholic faith, to know the parents relationship with the Catholic Church, and to answer any questions or concerns. 2. 15.9 Q Who is this son promised to David? I understand the newspaper better than the Bible. I recognize that marriage should be treated as a permanent bond in which God seeks to join two people together as one flesh for life, and I will not break apart what God has joined together, neither in my life nor in that of others. 1. Prior to baptism, there’s an interview with a missionary not directly involved in teaching you. 18.25 Q How many Apostles did he appoint? This is to ensure that the mind of each candidate can be fully determined as far as possible. Contents show 1. Who can receive a Catholic baptism? The parents are to be registered and active members at a Catholic parish and are to attend a baptism preparation class. Your marital status may be discussed during your Baptism interview to encourage you to get married (or validate your marriage in the Church) if this is appropriate. If, after reading this page, you desire to have your child baptized at St. Joseph's, or you have additional questions, call the parish office at 551-4973. 25.10 Q What did Christ say about re-marriage after divorce? This will require a flexible approach throughout the interview but will help to identify the candidate’s attitude, knowledge and depth of understanding. AUTHORITATIVE STATEMENT OF DOCTRINE. Do you believe that the Church and gospel of Jesus Christ have been restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith? What are some of the questions or concerns you have about the Roman Catholic Church? missionary conducting the interview will refer you to the mission president Please refer to the following links for details: Baptism Preparation for Infants and Children. There has to be enough water to cover you completely. It did not feel like a fit but it was a nice conversation. Baptism: Your Questions Answered What if my child is no longer a baby? Your Baby's Baptism: Welcome to God's Family. 12.13 Q Where was the Law of Moses given? I became curious and wanted to know why, though I had no time to see him after the service. However, as long as you are committed to raising your child as a Catholic, he/she may celebrate the Sacrament of Baptism and be welcomed into the Catholic Church. 1.5. Q What do you understand by inspiration? Interview. Q What were the original languages in which the Bible was written? 18.29 Q How frequently was it kept in the 1st Century? 14.1 Q Who was chosen the first king of Israel? Hood — then an infant — at St. Anastasia Parish in Troy. Do you believe that God is our Eternal Father? 8.8 Q Can a Christian have anything to do with witchcraft? Are you ready to make this covenant and strive to be In the pre-baptismal conversations with the priest/deacon you have the opportunity to talk about your reflections. 2.6. I grew up as a Roman Catholic and was saved at the age of 17, mainly through the witness of a … 22.1 Q What happened on the day of Pentecost? (English) restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith? Frequently Asked Questions re Baptism/Confirmation. 7.11 Q What is the Bible hope of a future life? 17.16 Q What dream did Nebuchadnezzar have? I realize that the devil or satan refers to this ‘adversary’ to my salvation- not to a literal dragon or monster. 2. 12.19 Q Why was Moses not allowed to enter the promised land? 20.10 Q What was the angels message to them? What is baptism? It is also the act that forgives sins, grants spiritual rebirth, and makes one a member of the church (CCC, 1213). 17.20 Q Who were the two men mainly responsible for the partial restoration? 6.8. By Baptism we are given the power—and the obligation—to share with Christ in those things which pertain to divine worship: the Mass and the sacraments. Tom, first of all, can you tell us a bit about yourself--your family, where you teach, etc.? Frequently Asked Questions re Baptism/Confirmation. What is sanctifying grace? 9.5 Q Apart from Noah and his family, what else entered the ark? God’s plan of salvation for me is revealed in the Bible, which is infallibly inspired by God and which I am committed to continuing studying daily. The two interviewing brethren must be agreed together that the candidate is ready for baptism at the conclusion of the interview and if there is any doubt the candidate should be further instructed. 23.8 Q What will happen after the judgement? 20.6 Q To whom did Jesus first appear after his resurrection? Q Is baptism essential for salvation? Christ commanded it as a part of the Great Commission: “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations in turn to more questions. The Godparents of a baby hold the child while ; The Godparents of an adult or older child stand in witness to the Baptism and the adult candidate holds his or her head over the Baptismal font. 13.1 Q Who succeeded Moses and led Israel into the land? Whether you are meeting for just one session or several times, there are some good ideas to make sure the baptism really is the start of a lifetime of exploring faith … 8.1 Q What is the meaning of the word Devil? 11.1 Q To whom were the promises to Abraham repeated? 3. The fact that water is used for baptism signifies that there is a true cleansing that takes place. 12.12 Q How were the people delivered from Pharaoh’s pursuing army? homosexual relationship? What is a sacrament? In my early 20’s though I told God to go live with Satan and totally closed all doors and no longer gave God even a thought. Q Can you give a verse to prove this? Looking for more parent and carer resources to support your child through their Catholic education journey? The candidate should be informed of the procedure at the baptismal service and a record made of the candidate’s personal details for the future ecclesial records. 25.12 Q What are the duties of parents and their children? What does it mean to you to repent? Being baptized shows others that you’ve decided to follow Jesus, and allows them to celebrate this decision with you (Acts 16:31-34).Baptism doesn’t save a person; it’s a symbol and celebration of salvation (1 Peter 3:21). Q When did the Creation as recorded in Gen. 1 take place? During a baptism service at Rise, you’ll notice when someone gets in the waters, we have questions we ask them before we baptize them in the water. Baptism for a child under 7 years of age is a straightforward matter. 25.21 Q What is the duty of employees to their employer? 24.3 Q Can you give me a verse to prove this? SOLOMON & THE DIVISION OF THE KINGDOM. 10.4 Q What promises did God make to Abraham? 1.2. Q What makes a person responsible to God? 3.6. Frequently asked questions regarding the possibility of invalid sacraments. 17.10 Q Who is referred to in the words “whose right it is” in this passage? 18.10 Q Was he completely dependent on God? Catholic, Simple, Effective. 20.5 Q What was his nature when he first emerged from the tomb? 12.7 Q How many plagues came upon Egypt? 6. 6), then Confirmation is our participation in the Pentecost of the Church (Acts 2). Catholic, Simple, Effective. Interview Questions about Your Baptism This activity is part of the Living in Christ Series. Murray Rundus is a senior in high school, former child actor as Wendell on Gamers Guide to Pretty Much Everything seen on Disney XD and Disney Channel, and convert to Catholicism.Murray converted to Catholicism in 2018 after finding Christ through St. Augustine’s Confessions and the theology of St. Thomas Aquinas.Murray advocates for traditional Catholicism and is working to … I recognize that my real problem is my own temptations and sin, and I undertake to fight against them, always asking myself ‘What would Jesus do?’. 12.18 Q How were they provided with food and drink in the wilderness? 25.6 Q Is it permissible for a believer, under the law of Christ, to take more than one wife? Interview Questions about Your Baptism This activity is part of the Living in Christ Series. At the time, yes I was totally on board with God. 18.3 Q How was Christ conceived and born? If Baptism is our participation in the cross of Christ (Rm. The Office of Worship has developed the following infant baptism course. It’s important for our entire church along with those who are being baptized to not only know those questions, but to understand the theology behind them. 23.6 Q What will be the reward of the righteous? 9.6 Q What was the covenant made with Noah and how was it confirmed? 25.30 Q Is it necessary for us to withdraw our fellowship from any who depart from the faith in. 4. If so, are you now on these topics, I suggest that you go to a Mormon-related bulletin board (. 18.9 Q Can you give me a verse to prove this? I believe salvation is by grace and not by works. rendering service to fellow members. 5.4. The Questions Before Baptism The following are the exact questions that missionaries ask would-be converts at a baptismal interview. The decisive issue is, what does the Bible teach? take upon yourself the name of Christ and keep His commandments throughout INBOX QUESTIONS: “Hello Mr. Chinaka, I have some questions for you, although I’m not a Catholic. Q Can you quote a verse to prove this? 25.8 Q Is it permissible for a believer to divorce his/her partner? 20.7 Q How long was it between his resurrection and ascension? 15.7 Q What city did David make his capital? Do you believe that [current Church President] is a prophet of God? And failing to keep the law of the church entails sins of various types. 22.8 Q Can you give me briefly the details of Paul’s conversion? One way to go about baptism is to distill the above essentials to three or four questions: 1. I want to answer from the Bible some common questions about baptism. 18.17 Q Can you give a verse to prove this? They are valuable, also, as … 24.1 Q How long will the reign of Christ last in its initial state? If baptism is by immersion, the mother or father (godmother of godfather) lifts the child out of the font. The apostle Paul also appears to be praying for a dead person, Onesiphorus, in 2 Timothy (1:16-18). It’s important for our entire church along with those who are being baptized to not only know those questions, but to understand the theology behind them. <