He recharged the system with coolant, then tightened the connector even more. Not sure the Friedrich unit is set up for heating in colder climates (<0F). YMMV. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars to teach someone their own job, pay that amount of money to learn how to do it yourself right the first time! Some of the most reviewed diy mini splits are the MRCOOL DIY Gen-3 18,000 BTU 20 SEER ENERGY STAR Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner & Heat Pump w/ 25 ft. VS warranty at higher cost. They were supplied with 15' linesets. Cost me about 100 per unit, less when I had 3 done at once. This way, when you remove the gauge a tiny amount of refrigerant is released rather than allowing a tiny amount of air into the system.ADDITIONAL INFO: For the DIY viewers of this video - many an HVAC \"expert\" has trolled my video for no other reason than to criticize the installation regarding the vacuum procedure and the absence of micron readings. Or is it better to buy a cheaper vacuum pump for $100 and maybe only achieve 10,000 microns? Plus you keep the warranties. Mini Split Stand Diy Halloweenhow to Mini Split Stand Diy Halloween for Build your own outdoor loveseat. For a mini-split that you only intend to use intermittently in a garage there's nothing wrong with going with a cheap third-tier no-name mini-split and precharged line sets. Firewood Racks You Can Build. The only exception I've seen is where a project requires specialist tools that may be cost prohibitive (and cannot be rented). 2. Calls to local HVAC folks haven't been returned; is anyone willing to simply evacuate the lines, or do they only do full installs? The problem is that nobody cares as much as you do, that and people in skilled trades who are used to feeling like experts are slow to adapt to change and admit that their expertise may be stagnating. Your manifold gauge might be down to zero, but you are still nowhere near the needed level of vacuum. If you are looking to heat your entire home, or perhaps your small business, you’ll want to check out this You want microns to be 500 or less. The pre-charged line sets can work fine, and is the most common way to install them in the third-world. To minimize your footprint, you might do it yourself and do it right (if you have the right skills and care more about it than a tech might), and not risk the R410A emissions. I believe that the intend the installer to run the hoses either straight through the back wall and connect outside, or paralell to the unit inside and connect the unit from under with the bottom cover removed. © 2021 The Taunton Press, Inc. All rights reserved. 1. Are there any units Air to Water units that are reasonable and efficient ? I would probably wake up in the middle of the night for the first year thinking I was in a motel. Interesting. Now it has slow leak again. From what I understand, even -29 inches Hg is not enough. I would be inclined to hire a professional. I find this post extremely relevant as I'm in the middle of determining how to replace a very antiquated HVAC system at my home. I called another contractor in who claimed they experience with mini-splits. I do just about everything myself, but the cost of tools/equipment/specialized expendables is not trivial. Also note it seems Mitsubishi (about 30 SEER) does not go so far as to say no warranty if you do it yourself, but Fujitsu makes no bones about the fact that the warranty is void if you buy online. Check out the Youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1udylISmPmc Finding an affordable vacuum pump that can do that is not easy. As far as I know, the trickiest part is charging the refrigerant line, which apparently requires a vacuum pump. The mini split can put out between 3800 and 12000 btu's. Let me have it – am I being over ambitious or is this within grasp for a general remodeler? You must cut a 16"x26" hole in the wall vs a 3" round hole, which could be a deal killer. Next step, charging. I helped install a number of units and it only takes a few hours. Gauges are required. It also helps to do this on a hot day. I didn't and I'm paying for it. It ended up costing me ~$2k for his time, which was the single largest (and by far most expensive mistake on my entire project). Sturdy 2x construction. I think part of the problem is that there are some gov't grants available to encourage the use of high-efficiency heat pumps, and the installers increase their prices to take a larger slice of the money. Special care needs to be given to the condensation lines. Many pumps list higher vacuums then they actually manage, according to the commentators. at ‘The Wood Grain Cottage‘, this DIY rolling firewood rack is perfect for storing your wood where you can easily get to it, but can be rolled out of the way as well. I've considered one of these for my intermittent-use cottage in Maine, but installed cost looks to be about $3000 - $4000 for the same size unit. I’m no schlep when it comes to remodeling work, but have never installed or seen a mini split install. Since this thread has resurfaced, are there any reports both good and bad on the DIY installation of a mini-split? ( saved near 8000$ on the first 4 installs ), but if you are to do it only once ..might not be worth it, - torque wrench ( open type or adapter ) ~ 80-100$ for a pro kit 2. Hook up the AC power and the four wire to the indoor unit and it is done. if bubbles pop up u tighten a little bit more the flares. For a mini-split that you only intend to use intermittently in a garage there's nothing wrong with going with a cheap third-tier no-name mini-split and precharged line sets. 27,000 BTU (2.0 Ton) 22 SEER Two Zone Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump System - Wi-Fi Capable $2,440.00 Free Shipping. and plenty of do it yourself videos on YouTube. For he indoor unit it is almost useless as tube out hangs so you can't really overdo it as far as torque, but you can be careless and not hold it steady Rather than wrapping it in a latex band to slow the leak, find a factory certified tech for the model you have, tell them the problem you have had with other contractors, and promise to pay them well if they do it right, and to wring their bloody neck if they don't use the right flaring tool for the fix! But there are deeper processes to the install for proper operation. Fuji are precharged for up to 50' . On the exterior plumbing portion, I noticed they use those white vinyl covers to hide the lines as they go to the outdoor compressor unit. No answer, but I am in the same boat as FOO. The mini split is VERY quiet. I would not consider my job done at anything higher than 100 microns, Ideally you have a micron gauge and do a pressure test with nitrogen, but heck many hack companies will do even worse. I do commercial mechanical design for a living, and have designed a number of these type systems - smaller multi zone mini-splits all the way up to the Mitsu City Multi systems. Obviously for a nearly $10K "rebate" there is a strong motivation to slog through this myself. Of course, unless someone actually had experience with one of these cheap pumps and knows it will do the vacuum required then it is very difficult to know which pump to choose. Minisplit Heat Pumps and Zero-Net-Energy Homes, Report on Our Ductless Minisplit Heat Pump, Hi Justin, If you can't fit a mini with a 50' hose, find another installation area or product. Hope I am not hijacking this post but this subject is very interesting to me. Phone: 508-281-4095. This feature has been temporarily disabled during the beta site preview. Their minisplits installations have all been straightforward wall units. Place the smaller pieces on each side of one of the big square pieces. diy = save some money What was the price of the units by themselves mr FOO ? Since I won't have to add refrigerant, I could probably get by with just a single tube with a tee for the micron gauge instead of a manifold. Your system will still run without such actual knowledge of exact micron information, and in all likelihood will run like mine without any issues. However, I would much rather figure out how to do the vacuum/refrigerant part if I can, especially since between my home and my dad's there are four or five units that could be installed over the next year or so. I watched two ductless minisplits go into my place, and I would do it myself if I had to do it over again. and then you need to call a pro to recharge and check up. I too have found this post very relevant and the answers above extremely helpful. To maximize your handprint (how much good you do) you might actually do best by "paying hundreds of dollars to teach someone their own job." I use Nylog sealer and tighten to a point, check for leaks, and tighten a little more if necessary. Just two other comments: I would think people's issue with them is they are just one step away from a window unit. Good enough quality digi gauges are available on ebay or AC tooling resellers starting from around 100$ . Thanks again. The outdoor unit is so quiet that the only way you can tell it is running is by looking at the fan spinning. Odds are good that it'll work-mostly if you pay attention to the details. The installation instructions tell you what you need to do to install the unit. I was able to save a good chunk of money by getting a standard order lineset at my local building supply, rather than special order or internet ordering. YES!!! Steve P: i dare you to find a canadian installer that would sell you a 12K heat/cold from the large brands under 3K$ installed. tech! If you have installed and commissioned a split-system air conditioner or heat pump a mini-split installation is a walk in the park. I have two Mitsubishi split Hyper heat AC/heat pumps showing up in a few days. Ideally there will be a place to mount it where it's protected by an overhanging roof (rake is better than eaves), and above the historical high snow-depth. In response to Brian about ducted indoor units: You may have to look at commercial contractors to find anyone with experience with this type of install (of course most commercial contractors just aren't geared for small residential work). Maybe I should have made a youtube video of me being an idiot. Not having a warranty is not necessarily a deal breaker. The unit comes pre-charged and the only lines to run are water lines. I would check into if you're allowed to buy refrigerant in your state (might even be a federal law?) If you've installed a gas tankless water heater completely on your own, then how could a mini split be beyond you? Definitely hire a contractor who has EXPERIENCE installing mini splits. you do not need the 3 gauges manifold sets to install a precharge mitsu/fujitsu unit For something you really need to count on for both efficiency & capacity it's worth buying a better unit, and let a qualified tech commission the beast even if you did the other 99%. if you've planned your line set length according to installtion manuals If you have a 2000 sq ft house, they want the money to install AC in that house, so you get ridiculous install quotes. COVER-TECH INC. MINI - SPLIT HEAT PUMP COVERS Serves to prevent snow drifting by cutting down on wind blow through. If you haven't, you have to buy the tools and pay close attention to the instructions. Checking for leaks is mandatory, use a very soapy solution . It would also be within 20' of the electrical entrance (plenty of space for its own circuit). Oh, and a tool that can make things real easy is a valve core remover, like Robinair 18560. And by the way, anyone who has done a fair amount of plumbing knows how to tighten flare nuts enough without breaking them. FAQ: Why Do Some Builders Avoid Foam Insulation. 2. 7 Best Mini Split System Reviews 2021 | CoolingFanReview.com They are most likely out there in your area - the key is finding them. In some cases they have run ten years (with annual service) without issue. So I followed the instructions to the best of my ability, and did a clean and thorough job... except for the vacuum process. - vacuum gauge ( digitals ~150$ ...dial ones you can get when buying a pump kit with manifold ) Go and download the install instructions for a few of the units you are looking at and you'll get an idea of what is involved. Iwas thinking about giving up on mini splits because the install quotes I am getting are too high to make them worth while ($16k for two outdoor units-5 heads). you have to compromise 60 Ways To Make DIY Shelves A Part Of Your Home’s Décor. And if you don't buy a digital vacuum gauge you are really just guessing by using regular gauges. The licensed electrician (required for code in my location) my hvac contractor brought with him tried to cut corners and I didn't like him. Perhaps someone can address this? Install Kit 230-Volt with 346 reviews and the MRCOOL DIY Gen-3 12,000 BTU 22 SEER ENERGY STAR Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner & Heat Pump w/ 25 ft. "Thank you for contacting Friedrich Air Conditioning. Seems like that might be the case here. : -). Also mostly all machines are quite good these days as before entry in North America, they have to pass certification and testing - not to mention that a handful of companies have a monopoly on the parts. + mini split stand diy fire 01 Jan 2021 If you plan to dine out (or take out) for Valentine's Day, here are some great ... including heart-shaped pizzas, kids eat free, and dinners for two (at all price points). This won't delete the articles you've saved, just the list. i ended up making space for the hoses within the walls so the connections could be accessible for tightening and leak tests once the unit was installed ( the walls are not finished yet ). So a few leads. Will a single stage pump that sells for $53 and lists an ultimate vacuum of 5 Pa actually do it or is it a waste of money? You have to plan out ahead of time the steps you'll take and the access you'll need, but it's not hard. I diy because i plan on getting refrid license neway and wanted to get my hand dirty, If you have further questions, please call our Consumer Assistance Department at 1-800-541-6645 ext. It requires you have a sizable air compressor handy otherwise you are buying a vacuum pump you'll never use again - shipping weight makes it unrealistic to try to make back the cost of this. Gotta do it right, and gotta have the tools, no going around it.. as I believe the general public is not allowed to buy refrigerant. After limping along with an under-powered portable AC unit for our 2-car (22' x 30') garage shop, we finally decided that it… 2) Buying parts only online: $6,386 (note: this just the VRF system and does not include line sets, drain pipes, or electrical). If it is going to heat, you'll need a foundation and stand to keep it out of the snow and up from drainage. You will need a vacuum pump, nitrogen manifold and tank, micron gauge, R410 ready gauges, metric torque wrenches and pipe bending tools. I bet for the money you spent hiring them, you could have bought first-class tools to do the job right yourself, and then re-sold the tools, recouping most of the cost. Yes you can, in most cases, exceptions apply. This is only worth it with good units that have low problems rate though. 27,000 BTU (2.0 Ton) 22 SEER Two Zone Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump System - Wi-Fi Capable $2,463.00 Free Shipping. I may be wrong, but my understanding is that these new high SEER pumps need a deep vacuum. They are enough for a homeowner simple installation but may be slow for a professional. The only ductless air conditioning and heating unit that is easy to install for thousands less than a conventional HVAC system. I will ask more directly. Keeping the extractor attached, open the liquid and gas sides. https://training.mitsubishipro.com/#/purchase/category/30504, 2014 Schedule (Classes available for purchase at this time): 08/26/14 - 08/27/14 | 09/03/14 - 09/04/14| 09/16/14 - 09/17/14 | 10/07/14 - 10/08/14 | 11/18/14 - 11/19/14 | 12/02/14 - 12/03/14. DIY mini-splits are definitely on my short list of options. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PdMRVO_NOz4. I would love to find a similar level of design/installation detail for minisplits that comes from a trusted resource. If you are internet whizz a little, it is very easy to find quality units at around half price of what dealers charaged intalled .. then you have to weight the cost difference of no warranty and equipement cost, What think? Odds are good that it'll work-mostly if you pay attention to the details. that's what i understood from my searching. - vacuum pump from ebay @ 125$ and a 10$ hose, just let the pump run for 2-3 hours to make sure it is down ..but then u don't know if you have a leak before releasing the refrigerant, hand tighten the flare ( easy to over torque or undertorque though ). We offer Single Zone Wall Mount, Ceiling Cassette, Slim Hidden Ducted, Floor & Ceiling Mount, and Multi-Zone Units on Sale with Free Shipping. DIY mini split air conditioning install - start to finish - YouTube The entire project takes 5-6 hours by a good ref. DIY Car Toy Display Case momwheresmycar.com. Here is the reply I received: Works fine. As long as the thing is still working when the truck rounds the corner disappearing from sight after the job is done, it's good enough? 2. The person there said that they don't evacuate lines, but they know folks who do on the side. I hired an HVAC certified mechanic, and he did not use the proper torque or torque wrench, and there's a slow leak outside where the (larger) line connects to the compressor. Sq.Ft. but 125 would be suitable for most installation. I've installed one unit on a 50' long lineset and a 25' or so raise ( head unit is 25' higher than exterior unit ) and it seems to be working just as good as the others. 3. And you do need a decent electronic vacuum gauge. The contractors with whom I've met have clearly never installed this type of VRF system. you can't afford to DIY a mini split install. And go real slow and careful, cause if you kink it, you have to cut a section out, flare the ends, and put in a coupling, which is a potential leak point. 608 is the certification number, and there are various types as explained here: Have you considered going with air-to-water heat pump systems? The inside units are made to be so compact that it's a p.i.a. They also frequently have antiquated supply chain, so they are paying significantly more than online prices and then need to mark it up to you, so what should be a $2300 unit will become a $3000 unit plus install. keep in mind that the unit pair costs between 1800$ and 2300$ + linesets and accessoires. Central Split Systems. then why not. for 15' to 50' of line length. You'll need flare wrenches to tighten the nuts, and to do it right, you'll need a torque wrench and flared head sockets to use it (cheap ones can be found). This stuff is awesome, and a 4oz jar will last you a lifetime. While 95% of the job can be done by decently handy person, it can still be worth the up-charge to pay somebody who has the experience and tools to take the final commissioning step. Once the flared fittings are connected, how can you tell if there are leaks? I haven't done it. Bill : AJ has a valid point ...pro tools have the highest resale value. Jin: Thanks! Do I really want to pay a contractor an additional $10K to do something they have never actually done? 1) HVAC contractor: LG Mini-Split Quad-Zone System: $16,150 Best Mini Split Heat Pump for a Garage (Cooling and Heating) – … Maximum Capacity, Fits All Mini Split Brands on The Market, 12" Height, 40" Length, Steel 4.8 out of 5 … ( often i hear 6months- 1 year ) Add to Cart (307 Reviews) Compare. Best way to check out flare connection leaks is bubble soap , I for one would love to own a car with an easily changed engine. Hi Justin, not all units are plug and play systems. Regarding my post in #14, and in reply to Jin Kazama, perhaps I wasn't clear enough. PTHPs are very quiet nowadays, but they are less efficient than some minisplits. How did you locate someone willing to do this (seems like folks that are making $400 an hour doing full install might be resistant to getting $400 an hour for only part of the job) ? So tighthening to specs is a must, this is not water plumbing. My answer may vary from some of the technical advice already given here, which I would definitely not dis. I still am interested in having a pro charge it. . Toll-free 1-888-325-5757 Looks pretty straightforward to install. Mr Cool DIY 24k Ductless Mini Split heat pump even adjusts the temperature to the perfect degree wherever you are in your room. Usually though, the guys at the supply houses (I'm not talking about big box stores like Home Depot) will have a good idea of who is willing to do this type work. Cost of a new unit into a short term house with leaky under-floor ducts is just not an attractive option anyway I look at it. The next time it got hot, I had to hire a real professional to re-do the work a third time. From Shayna (and Anthony!) Thanks for this link. So if you hire someone, ask for references and make sure you get a warranty in writing for the install. Class Attire for all training classes: Please do not wear shorts or open-toed shoes for safety reasons. Blueridge BM27M22C-12C-18C. Job measurements and tools needed might differ based upon your grille option, tool accessibility, and choice. Hi all, Can editors step out from behind the curtain to ask opinions, too? Aside from the refrigerant charging. installed 3 of the units on ~14" thick walls where the connectoins would have to be in the wall Based on comments, both contractors were planning on a day long job with an experienced tech and a helper. I am looking for a mini-split for heating and it gets pretty cold where I am so I really need the Mitsubishi Hyper heat. and to verify that you do not have a bad leak mainly in your conenctions, If you order online they will often carry accessories for running the lines through walls, or an outside cap, etc. The most critical parts of the installation are the refrigerant line connections and the line evacuation. Just Two Minisplits Heat and Cool the Whole House, Ductless Minisplit Performance During Cold Weather, GBA Encyclopedia: Ductless Minisplit Heat Pumps. Before you start the installation process, choose a mini split … Now, get the pump going again, and take it down to under 500 microns. Probably the biggest issue for us DIY is being able to appropriately size the units to need, as well as being limited to the single head models in most cases. You do not need to remove or add any refrigerant if you work within the length limits. The labor was too expensive, and all the quotes were that way, even though the work is considerably less than installing a traditional ducted heat pump. (BTW this also makes it easy to clean around and behind your wood pile, which helps prevent little furry creatures from settling in!) One point I would like to make, having researched these things to death, is don't fail to factor in efficiency if you are using the click and go units such as idealair. This tool lets you remove and replace the schrader core from the service port without breaking the vacuum, and with core out, your pump has to work a lot less to get the vacuum needed. Because I don't like having the linesets snake outside the walls of the house, I ran mine inside the wall down into and through the crawlspace. http://files.totalhomesupply.com/land/breeze/Friedrich_Breeze.html. I have been following this conversation with interest since I just installed a Fujitsu mini-split in my home. This 2-day M- and P-Series Service Course is for installation and troubleshooting of M- and P-Series systems. At the price of the installs quoted, buy a spare it would be cheaper. Minuscule leaks could also be present and be very hard to detect through soap test though, Most people can’t do their own electrical work, and that’s why the quick electrical connections on the MRCOOL DIY is a … What pressure to professionals apply when doing a vacuum on the new high SEER (27) mini splits? Next, the connections. Every pump lists different vacuum figures (cmHg, bar, microns, etc) And from what I can see, it is difficult to find out how much of a vacuum these affordable pumps can do.