That’s soooo 2019. “I LOVE giving my electric company more money!” -nobody. You can also search for projects by name. The Casamera Robe literally translates to, “the softest sh*t ever made” in Latin. But Stealth Carbon is worth dropping some hard-earned dough for. My mom thought it would be a good idea for me to take AP Biology in high school. Did you SEE that pink supermoon the other night?! Leave behind your boring routine, and get a full-body workout AT HOME! Good thing Findster Home ensures you’ll NEVER lose your best bud again. Isn’t it time you gave YOUR expensive tech the home it deserves? (Hmmm, that sounded weird. (Until your friend breaks their hand giving you the ole, “good job” pat on the bum… then everyone will know.). Pebble Time. Instead, it’s SIMPLE, easy-to-use, and works like a charm to engrave just about ANYTHING. P.S. They have an early bird called the, “Wow Smokes Package”… need I say more?! And you can make decisions for yourself, I know. But it WILL help you kill time during endless Zoom meetings. But that would be like studying to learn material in college. But I’m about as scientifically inclined as a mole-rat with lab goggles and got a 1 on the AP exam. A convenient food storage system that saves 50% more space. Instantly melt away stress with 7 blissfully warm volcanic stones that soothe tension and help you relax. Beanie Babies, Tupac, a functioning government…. DIPLE – Turn Any Phone Into A Powerful Microscope, 1. See why these trending projects dominated Kickstarter in 2020. Supreme breathability, wrinkle-free fabric, and stain-proof technology combine to produce the most advanced modern blazer ever made. Beer Buddy even comes with a LEAK-PROOF lid! (AND prevent Pierre from developing Carpal tunnel syndrome.)”. P.S. Both a delicious treat and AMAZING example of the power of aerogel. P.P.S. It mimics natural sunlight during the day, offering an espresso shot’s worth of energy WITHOUT the crash. But for the rest of us, Olly makes a REAL difference. Its refreshing modern look will completely change your home’s vibe. LaserPecker Pro is the world’s most COMPACT laser engraver. You just finished another loooonnnngggggg day of work. KABUTO comes with a lifetime guarantee AND on-time Christmas delivery or your money back! Click in the "Search Projects" box across the top of the screen and type in key words related to the project… Surely I’d have gotten AT LEAST a 2 if DIPLE had been around back then. Don’t subject your $1,000 devices to a $7 charger. Perfectly placed magnets snap into place, creating an instant coil that STAYS OUT OF YOUR WAY! High-grade insulation keeps your cup toasty warm LONG after your first meeting of the day. For those of us WITH taste buds, here’s something you’re gonna LOVE: It’s an all-new way to make deliciously smooth microfoamed milk AT HOME. So you can flavor your food lightning FAST. This stainless steel multitool is PERFECT for small jobs around the house. DOER turns an entire garage full of tools into the most compact toolbox ever made. The large “hard” puzzle takes a whopping 9-15 hours to complete! Which is an absolute DREAM for those of us who hate waking up to an alarm. NECKAIR – An Ultra-Portable Heated Neck Massager, 2. Monogram – A Productivity Tool For Creative Professionals, 1. So you’ll know where your bike, dog, or child is at ALL TIMES — no matter what. Transform your workspace with the Orbitkey Desk Mat. Kickstarter is specifically for creative projects in the following categories: Art, Comics, Crafts, Dance, Design, Fashion, Film & Video, Food, Games, Journalism, Music, Photography, Publishing, Technology, … Start fires, eat your meals, or open a freakin’ beer bottle — all with this genius multi-tool. A designer piece that costs more than your car. Have you ever touched one of those knockoff chargers from Amazon? (Mine looks like a storm carrying 3-day-old spaghetti sauce just blew through.). It’s a modular, MAGNETIC organizing kit that will keep YOUR desk clear. Keeping in mind that we do not allow general charitable fundraising on Kickstarter, your project funds should go towards making something new … It’s a 6-in-1 wizard of relief that gently soothes away pain thanks to its hidden tools and brilliant design. Outfitted with 20+ high tech features, AIR is what every blazer should be. (No, not that stray cat you’ve been feeding for the last six months.). Use its fully-customizable surface and watch your productivity SKYROCKET. It’s a supremely powerful charger with BUILT-IN overheating protection. So you’ll KNOW exactly how well it’s working. A little weird, but sure. End your long, turbulent relationship with mediocre cookware, and upgrade to the Prepd Skillet today! Listen, we don’t discriminate against non-Mac users. ProGrip is a multi-functional BEAST that packs a PUNCH. The minimal design is PERFECT for signing receipts and jotting down quick notes. Simply sit back, relax, and watch its self-growing technology BLOW YOUR MIND. If we have to wear shoes to function in this world, they might as well be good ones. Explore 400+ pages of jaw-dropping illustrations that will show you how to make everything from cars to catapults. SuperCalla is a SUPERHERO that makes ALL that nonsense a thing of the past! Walk out of there with 15 single-use plastic bags. They’re ultra-convenient REUSABLE bags made from veggie starch. It’s fast, effortless, and dare I say even a little bit FUN. And since germs HATE this kind of fabric, Kali is WAY more sanitary than that grimy old sponge. Sure, an angry mob may try to burn you at the stake…. The Kali – Everlasting Antibacterial Dishclothes, 3. Its pure copper finish is naturally antimicrobial, too. ), Barely recognizable under years of burnt-on food scraps…. It’s time we FIGHT BACK with the Scenes One WiFi Security Camera. It’s just a darn good jacket at a fair, honest price. It offers a pro-grade hot stone experience AT HOME. Your college backpack, which doesn’t exactly scream “professional style.”. Save yourself an enormous headache should the unexpected happen, and protect YOUR data today. They’re tough enough to withstand dozens of washes, but feel smooth and gentle on your face. Mokibo Folio – An Amazing Keyboard Hybrid, 2. (Or maybe they just watched The Weather Channel. You may as well staple a, “I hate the environment,” note to your back. It offers wildly efficient training for insanely busy people through short, high intensity movements that transform your body shockingly fast. But now that my hair flows like a lion’s mane? This is the all-in-one solution you’ve been waiting for to help YOU make 2020 your BEST year yet. If YOUR fitness routine has been thrown off a cliff lately, this can help. This looks like the kind of thing Darth Vader would give his 10-year-old nephew as a birthday present…. UPGRADE to the Ohsnap Grip — the most versatile phone attachment on the PLANET. Roll out of bed and start your day with creamy microfoam in just 20 seconds. I have a message for you, pant designers of the world: I don’t play in the NBA and my caboose doesn’t fit in your pants!!!! P.S. It’s an ultra-stylish, HANDCRAFTED commuter bag with a designer look that WON’T break the bank. And whether it’s a product shot for your website or a glamour pic for the ‘gram, the Foldio360 Smart Dome has your back. The UniGrip handle fits EVERY tool, letting you quickly switch from sawing to drilling, and back again instantly. (Winner!) P.S. But it’s always been a pain in the you-know-what to make…. Build your own custom track on ANY metal surface and become the undisputed MASTER OF MARBLES! If you want your house to feel like a spa, DON’T ask your partner. It’s a seriously powerful pepper-grinder that seasons your food in a FRACTION of the time. Ebo is a wonderfully cute companion that keeps your cat, dog, or husband entertained for HOURS! Join the party and get REAL RESULTS without the misery. And use the powerful cordless vacuum to keep your interior cleaner than the Taj Mahal. It’s a SUPER-THIN grip, stand, and magnet combo. Is YOUR jacket made with a revolutionary material 200x stronger than steel?? It’s a super slim notebook pen that’s designed to go pretty much everywhere. FLECTR ZERO High-Performance Bike Reflectors, 5. So you’ll have a whopping 15 absurdly fun light-up games to choose from. They’re true wireless, noise cancelling earbuds that deliver PREMIUM sound without breaking the bank. Simply pop your favorite foods onto these naturally non-stick dividers and kiss sheet pan scrubbin’ GOODBYE! And the sun shining on that beautifully tan face of yours. Sketch, draw, and sign with this beautiful fountain pen, and you’ll NEVER go back to what you were using before. Vibrant colors, immersive sound, and dynamic smoothing technology combine to produce an out of this world entertainment experience like you’ve NEVER seen before. When we’re REALLY screwing over anyone without a Macbook Pro. Torch L1 Flashlight – A High-Tech Emergency Torch With 20, 1. Which brings me to Mila — the smartest air purifier ever made. But looking cool is only part of the equation…. It’s a clinical-grade neurofeedback device designed for HOME use. That’s what they’d shout at anyone wearing this jacket in 17th century Salem, Massachusetts. P.S. There’s been an EXPLOSION of home fitness products this year. It’s a PORTABLE butt shower that spares your delicate booty from scratchy TP. THAT’S what it feels like watching the magic of SANDSARA. And you’ll feel GREAT knowing SMILE’s sleek look is carbon negative. Anybody know where I can get a perm? Get Arebo instead — the one-touch FULL BODY air dryer. NO OTHER BAG allows you to carry ALL of your essentials while doubling as a supremely convenient mobile office. They’re ideal for dishes with multiple cooking times and PERFECT for baking, too. HyperDisk offers an absolutely MASSIVE two terabytes of storage. Carnivore Snax – An All-New Snack Made With 100% Grass-Fed Meat, 2. The Flex Eco Hairbrush is just what the doctor ordered. eBreath filters the air you breathe in AND out. P.S. Maybe it’s because my toothbrush is about as advanced as a ’93 Toyota Camry. It’s a super simple accessory that helps your pants fit PERFECTLY. Leave the soft stuff to the middle schoolers…. 1. Go for the “LIFESABER® Fire & Water” reward to unlock ALL the coolest features! Their limited-time early bird has FREE shipping and December delivery. Origami Bottle – A Fully-Collapsible Game-Changer, 2. The world's most compact and powerful exploration station Unlike most bottles, it’s actually EASY TO CLEAN! P.S. And it’s strong enough to land a 90-pound fish! Their stylish parkas, jackets, and pullovers harness the full power of aerogel thanks to their unique SOLARCORE fabric. They don’t offer 47 soups — just the very best one. OR you could spend WAY less on vastly better technology with the Nebula Cosmos Max 4K UHD Projector. This ergonomic grip even DOUBLES your phone’s battery life. P.S. P.S. So you pop a HOT DOG in the microwave and lather that bad boy up with ketchup. I don’t care if you’re the fall intern or the freakin’ CEO, if you have a desk, get a MezmoTop! Its brilliant design removes tops in seconds, letting you easily chug brews and Claws to your heart’s content. (Which is good news considering your gym is about to get more crowded than a 75% off sale at Lululemon.). Its 10 soothing speeds gently reduce tension while calming heat therapy melts your troubles away. BULO supercharges your lungs and helps YOU breathe better. Project launches on Kickstarter based on amount raised on first day 2011-2015 Kickstarter: amount of funding pledged per film category 2009-2013 Distribution of Kickstarter pledge amounts in 2011 That’s because most tents are made with cheap, flimsy materials that take longer to assemble than a Martin Scorsese feature-length film. Good thing ZEROD Jackets look amazing on EVERYBODY. SANDSARA – A Mesmerizing Kinetic  Sand Sculpture, 4. This newly discovered property is light, durable, and shockingly versatile, making this one of the best all-around jackets ever made. Bring outer space onto YOUR desk with this hand-finished masterpiece. Crafted with premium Portuguese cork that’s 3X lighter than leather, this bag features a lasting style that’s tough enough to handle your entire day. They’re offering FREE SHIPPING worldwide! P.S. The fanny pack, baby — a style so rad it was last seen huggin’ hips in the 1980s. DOER is a no-brainer for EVERY craftsman looking to tackle big projects in a small space. It’s quick, easy, and a WHOLE lot better way to start your day. Transformer Table 3.0 – A Jaw-Dropping, 2. Your boss called you Scott instead of Steve (again). Teracube is a gloriously affordable smartphone with all the fancy bells and whistles of a flagship brand WITHOUT the outrageous price tag. From Yoga to HITT, and everything in between, these no-slip mats are PERFECT for at-home workouts. This story is based on Yaroslav Azhhnyuk's (CEO of Petcube) experience on Kickstarter.Petcube raised $250k on Kickstarter and is a Y Combinator alumni. I used to carry around my Macbook in a backpack WITHOUT a case. This 6-in-1 bundle is a STELLAR deal! But there’s one thing that REALLY sticks out: Sure, the tech is WAY better now, but shooting on your phone just isn’t the same. 4. Either way, this hybrid backpack/tent combo helps you carry WAY more in less space. P.S. Want these sooner? Its miracle formula sanitizes ANYTHING in SECONDS! It’s time we got OURSELVES something awesome: It’s the ultimate guide to rebuilding civilization. That wee-wee line somehow made it past our editors — shhhhhhhh! DynaForce Bungees and a modular MassCore provide muscle shreddin’ resistance that gets you in shape WAY quicker than your standard gym workout. A BRILLIANT combination of car accessories that will take your driving experience to the NEXT LEVEL. Look, what’s on your keychain is YOUR business. Here are my top 3 favorite habits of 2020: The Wainlux K6 Laser Engraver is NOT overly complicated. These are what 2020’s Jeopardy! GREEN DISC makes things quick, easy, and CLEAN! P.S. The Rubber Band Minigun is a fully automatic weapon of mass delight. (My parent’s liked him more than me, I knew it.). Which means that when you wear THIS bad boy…. Save a whopping 45% with the “Complete knife set with block – Captain” reward. Skadu – The Ultimate Auto-Spinning Cleaning Tool, 3. 2. Square Off Swap – The Smart Game Board With Pieces That Move, 4. Thermo control keeps you cool even for extended use. P.S. Mellow Duo – A Supremely Simple Sous Vide Machine, 1. But there won’t be any regrets about having THIS in your kitchen. From box cuttin’ to screw drivin’ — and about a million things in between — this solid steel wizard of a tool can pretty much do it ALL. The JGMaker Artist-D Dual Extruder is an amazing alternative designed to be used at HOME. P.S. Games, movies, and yes, even work, comes alive with a vibrant 2nd screen. And since it’s naturally non-stick, you won’t have to worry about losing half your meal to the bottom of the pan anymore. STRO and SPORQ are REUSABLE stainless steel replacements. And since LaserPecker Pro auto-adjusts for you, you won’t have to worry about a thing while you engrave design after perfect design. Save a whopping $150 with their early bird reward! #2: Your co-workers are going to hate you. Sure, you could keep spending your entire afternoon manning the grill. Charge 3 devices AT ONCE up to 5X faster. Each “Blink” is an intelligent game piece built with its own unique game! It’s a FANTASTIC gift for space lovers! It’s truly the PERFECT at-home stress-reducer that looks absolutely stunning. Sign up for the HypeSquad and be notified of the best products in the world before anyone else! Right now I just collect data and the only app i've made is this twitter bot which tweet any project reaching some … P.S. Its built-in sunlight sensor opens your curtains when it’s time to get up, too. (WITHOUT worrying about spreading germs around.). What if I told you that you could LOSE weight, BUILD muscle, and STOP premature balding in just 30 seconds A DAY?? Montage gives you the best of both worlds. Pero – A Wearable Gesture Controller That Replaces Your Mouse, 2. P.S. Those who cram into the aisle the SECOND the captain turns off the fasten seatbelt sign. And after picking our jaws off the floor, one thing was clear: An ultra-powerful Sterile-Vortex blocks 99.99% of airborne pathogens. Grilling offers great flavor, but takes FOREVER. (They’re an EXCELLENT way to get your mind off the news.). Stairslide is a wildly FUN indoor slide that’s super portable, and sets up in seconds. P.S. It’s a compact key organizer that offers QUICK and EASY access to your keys. P.S. (I’ve walked around the block so many times there’s literally a RUT in the concrete.). TALO – A Smart Toothbrush That Brushes For You, 3. If you need a new jacket — heck, even if you don’t — you CANNOT go wrong with this. It’s a completely reinvented laptop bag that transforms into your own private workstation in seconds. The solid upper press locks in moisture giving meats, fish, and veggies the PERFECT sear. But you CAN accomplish all that in just 4 minutes with MONKII 360. It’s time for a MASSIVE keychain upgrade — it’s time for MAWST. No more fumbling around at your front door. You’re lying on your back scrolling Instagram when BOOM. Headquarters: … Clean things up a BETTER WAY with WonderSpray. In this how-to we will tell you all the secrets to run a successful Kickstarter campaign. They’re 10k waterproof, 4-way stretch, and will NOT break down no matter what you put them through. Unlike other cases that weigh more than an African elephant, MOFT Float is lightweight and perfectly slim. They were the size of your living room and cost more than your car. SMOOTH-Q2 – A Truly Pocket-Sized Advanced Mobile Gimbal, 2. It features a full set of chef-grade blades forged with razor-sharp German stainless steel. Their rock-bottom pricing is an absolute steal of deal! Well now you can experience the stunning beauty of the moon INDOORS with this: A jaw-dropping 3D replica of the EXACT topography of the backside of the moon. Whether you wear it as a backpack, handbag, or tote, this 3-in-1 statement piece belongs on your side. Montage – An Organic Handcrafted Everyday Bag, 2. MagEasy – A Genius Magnetic Kit To Keep You Organized, 2. Whether you’re camping, flying, or trapped in a dreaded Porta-Potty, WonderSpray is the ONLY way to go. P.S. 1. Watch the video halfway down their campaign page for an EXCELLENT explanation of how this works. They even come with a lifetime warranty! Pebble Time – $20,338,986. Tech. These simple clips DRASTICALLY increase your visibility and help keep you SAFE on the road. Carnivore Snax are NOT for your fair eyes. P.S. [2020 Update] 27 Most Successful Shark Tank Products of All-Time, [2020 Kickstarter Video Tips] – 7 vital things to do, 27 Most Funded Kickstarter Projects of All-Time [2020 Update], [2020 Kickstarter Stats] – 17 Powerful Insights & Tips, 32 Most Funded Kickstarter Projects of 2019 (All Over $1 Million), [2019] 27 Most Successful Shark Tank Products of All-Time, 11 Proven Tips For Launching A Successful Kickstarter Project (in 2019), What is ProductHype? Or experience what modern grocery shopping can be with Move. The spill-resistant lid and insulated body put other tumblers to SHAME! Mine was a LEGO Star Wars set leftover from my brother. Its fast-absorb fabric is completely stain resistant, letting you effortlessly clean kitchenware or prep items for the dishwasher in the blink of an eye. The Desklab 4K Portable Monitor is a touchscreen like NO OTHER! Its all-metal design features diamond-like carbon coating that resists scratches and feels like a dream in your hand. It’s compact, durable, and will have your boxes begging for mercy. There are two types of people in the world: 1. Their early bird special is a ridiculously good deal! No matter what (or who) you need to block out, do it with ReduxBuds. OROS – Out of This World Outerwear Inspired By NASA, 1. ShowerShroom – Kiss Clogged Drains Goodbye! Let’s try it again.). So a few weeks ago we decided, NO MORE MASKS. Want these awesome projects delivered directly to your inbox? Don’t forget to add on the “bomb-proof” hand-wax coating! (Somewhere my dentist just gasped in horror.). Sure, this starts as a compact gimbal, but it’s SO much more than that. Yup, it pretty much puts cheap, crappy chargers in a permanent body bag. P.S. P.S. My roommate, bless his heart, is not much of a cleaner. (I was mistaken for an iceberg the other day my skin is so pale.). These cards are ridiculously affordable. These are the OMEGA Pants by Graphene-X?! Which is why my iPhone 5, once considered the PINNACLE of technology, is now a source of mockery among my friends. P.S. My hands weren’t built for this much washing. It holds 16 oz.