Depending on what module taken overseas, it may or may not be easier but it is definitely a stress free pass-fail. Review: Read a few books, finally get into videography (fix that camera first), learn some basic coding, take my ukulele out of my recycling bin (literally it is sitting there), lose some weight, gain some Masterchef worthy skills, maybe actually join a CCA and contribute. Whether these behaviours are obvious also differ from people to people depending on how observant they are. The MFE was launched in 1999 by the Centre for Financial Engineering at NUS, the predecessor to RMI. Overall, much faster than I had expected and queuing was peaceful – no pushing, shoving or loud noises. . The new MBPs unfortunately don’t come in 15 inch anymore but the 16 inch’s specs seems a bit of an overkill for school and too big to lug around everyday. Hello Jane. 7qns for the e-learning were done online. So much time is spent on defining what is Public Administration and the rest seemed like fluff to me. From managing the queue to pouring drinks, handing out snacks, directing traffic, being on standby to watch the wellbeing of the devotees, every role was performed with professionalism. 1. Part 1 was not useful. Apply for NASA scholarship here as well. The application process starts in June/July. Summer school at Hanyang is easy to clear TE – just have to attend classes 2 times a week for 4 weeks. If you are specializing, you can clear 2 specialization TE abroad. The best part of my night would be the lively yet reserved atmosphere (oxymoron?). This is a waste as their slot may not get reallocated to another student who wants it more. So was a short climb up the stairs to the second story and a comfortable walk along the corridor (no bowing). Every team dressed up and/ or prepared a skit. One cheatsheet is allowed, which was more than sufficient space. The Mid term case for us was to propose a solution for Hyflux’s debt problem. The invigilator may or may not have read the whole of your report before the presentation. However, the tutorials only occurred every alternate week, hence only half the questions were discussed in tutorials. drink more water, be prepared for aches the next day, take care on the downslopes. My classes were always filled to the brim (have to bring your own chair in). ... which span around half a year, and complete 3-4 modules in the process. It wasn’t too long before I decided that catching up was an impossibility and just went as quickly as I could without blatantly cheating. Here, the learning emphasis is on systems thinking. It ended-up such that most of my friends who selected Canada did not get any allocation for exchange because priority was given to GEP students. The pair project was to describe and reflect on a leadership moment. I have no problem churning out words for my own ramblings but so much difficulty trying to write 1000 word essays for my GEK. German) and exchange students will be taking their masters level modules which are taught in English. Other ways to get ahead is to pick a strategic seat, say hi before/ after class, ask questions, clean the whiteboard etc, basically to make yourself memorable. For me, there wasn’t much to do in the US. What happens when it ends? Did anyone (including the guy) understand how the numbers come about? Taking a module with the fresh and talkative year 1s, I did not even try to get class part marks. After a while, muscle memory builds in, fatigue creeps in. Workload: 4/5 Being near home has its advantages! The tutorial would spill out into the corridor as students can’t even find space to stand. I attended tutorials sparingly – whenever I could complete the tutorial on time. I realized I was almost delusional at this point (I may be exaggerating, but I certainly felt a little lightheaded). The NUS Bachelor of Technology (BTech) programme is specially designed for polytechnic graduates working in the industry and taught by highly-qualified faculty members in advanced teaching facilities at NUS. Presentations begin after recess week with 1 or 2 presentations each week. Then theres the results processing, report writing and presentation. Luckily it was just a code to iterate for solutions to 2 equations. One 15 min sesh with him summarised the whole of part 2 better than the prof could in 2 hours (which was what the prof was trying to do in the last lecture – summarize). Arrival time – to complete before midnight, you need a ticket that can be obtained a week in advance (check KMS’s FB). Close. I expected an A+ but according to my friend, our lab probably dragged us down. This module presents the fundamental principles of classical mechanics. From when I decided not to pursue a H3 to being lazy to apply for summer school and to not taking an extra module in year 4. If I were to go again, I would consider going at 6 am. It required us to come up with ways to interact with the class and facilitate class discussion. Once again, I know this post is not going to sit well with everyone because of the absurd amount of generalizations here – Even I think it is ridiculous. I realized the stupidity of this, here to practice and still comparing the self to others haiz. General Education modules are on hold for now. Currently, we are focusing on common modules and core modules, we will roll out technical electives soon! This part was still alright because there were bits of A-level Physics/ Physics IE materials. He explains clearly and makes jokes. Workload: 4/5 **So what to do in a cashless society? Normal, that is as per IVLE recommended workload of 10 hours a week. changed. We, the average students, launched into a collective panic because we were unable to solve anything. Don’t bother trying to stuffing in as much concept as possible or fluffing your way around, prof yang can smell it out. Explicitely stating these out are useful reminders of how to treat others. I did not fully participate during classes (morning class I just couldn’t do it). I usually gave up on this becuase I would not have prepared the tutorial problems and the tutor would just flash standard answers. If you still don’t get allocated, there is the option of applying outside of NUS and taking LOA to go. This kept us motivated through long hours in the lab, working and then reworking on our experiments until we get relatively consistent results. Offered by NUS Faculty of Engineering in partnership with NUS SCALE, the degree is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Board (EAB) of the Institute of Engineers Singapore (IES). Listening in class and presentations helps by providing you with examples to use in the essay. In the end, I spent 2.5 whole day and nights working on it, including through ME2114 lecture. Class Format: Lecture (2h) + Tutorial (1h weekly) Review: Just pluck some figures for cost and market rates out of the sky and multiply them by certain percentages which we grasped from the TA (other groups were not so lucky or shrewd) to obtain the funding required. However, despite all the negative reviews I’ve heard about this module – from how its all fluff and the project is a nightmare, I did not experience any of that at all. With a 25-year history in supporting obsolete systems in commercial nuclear power plants, we have developed an efficient and robust reverse engineering process that has been accepted during audits by NUPIC, NRC, DOE, and several other suppliers to the commercial nuclear industry. This is what I meant by the knowledge learnt was partially used. German schools usually require basic German proficiency as you may have to take modules in German. Essays are graded out of 5, with the average being 3. The Common Curriculum aims to provide students with a broad range of knowledge pertaining to systems engineering and introduction to key defence technologies. This module is very commonly across all business schools (easy to map) and apparently it is such a fluff mod that no effort is required at all. Building excitement. I used “sounds” becuase as usual, I do not remember much of the content learnt. The presentation is held during week 12/13 and is 20 minutes including Q&A. The lecturers are the same and the format is the same as ME2113. Generally Mac is discouraged in ME but with boot camp you can overcome the limitations. No need to attend if you can do the tutorial problems. But in case I don’t, I’ll just come back to laugh at this post 4 months later, no big deal. Workload: 2/5 Probably not. I can’t comment on the lectures because I did not attend any. Professor: Prof Natrajan. Centre for English Language Communication (CELC) 24 Centre for Future-ready Graduates (CFG) 24 Duke-NUS 24; Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences (FASS) 24 FACULTY OF ARTS AND SOCIAL SCIENCES 24; Faculty of Engineering (FOE) 24 Faculty of Science (FOS) 24 Institute of Systems Science (ISS) 24 Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy (LKYSPP) 24 Multidisciplinary 24; NUS … As I write, I realise I sound more and more like a lunatic who doesn’t know what he’s doing and somehow won a degree through shear luck. However, I personally enjoyed taking this in NUS*. I spend most of my free time in lab and skipped some classes to be in lab. Bowing did not make me feel a greater reverence for the buddha, but the 3S1B did have meditative qualities and did help me to notice aspects of my minds that I frequently overlook (like the arising of frustration/ akusala mindstate). It doesn't appear in any feeds, and anyone with a direct link to it will see a message like this one. I tried to attend lectures regularly but I found the lectures to be ineffective, so I just watched the webcast. The exam is closed book, no cheatsheet allowed but a formula list is given. Now this made for an interesting mix. Very interesting and stressful. The big brother of ME2134, familiar looking equations like the bernoulli and dimensional analysis appear again. These are marked for clarity and application of concepts. Also very popular, especially with GEP students. Professor: Prof Marleen D. Review: Sorry, this post was deleted by the person who originally posted it. Despite the small weightage, do the assignments seriously because I felt that was where most of the learning was at. Duration – It takes 1-2 hours to complete depending on how fast you walk. This should have given me a good opportunity to clarify concepts but I found that tutors had difficulty addressing our questions. Difficulty: 2/5 Neither were showstoppers. It is not a “reflection” paper at all, do not believe what the name says!! Offered by National University of Singapore, students pursuing Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering) with Specialisation in Offshore Oil and Gas Technology will spend the first two years building a solid foundation in mechanical engineering where … Review: Now comes the second part which contributes 90% to the problems with this module. Class format: Lecture(2h+1h), Tutorial PYPs available online but questions never repeat themselves, the ME profs are all very innovative. As far as I know the workload is high. At around 1230 I stood up to leave the hall. Only 1 group made the mistake of coming in empty and having to handwrite their answers on the poster (there will not be enough space for handwriting). Plus you get to meet other exchange students. Workload: 3/5 I then limped to pick my bag up from the grass patch near the starting point, then back up the Hall of No Form for my shoes. Don’t be like me. Selecting modules and submitting reports are all done on this portal and I should’ve bookmarked it. By Y3, most of our engineering cores would’ve been cleared and there won’t be many options left for exchange. As mentioned earlier, part of the selection is how you rank your choices. However, during my internship, I realised that engineers needed the purchasing knowledge (relying on the SCM team takes too much time) plus the profs for this sem changed and are much more reliable. At this point, my mind was set on it: how could it be that he can do it and I can’t? I was looking forward to taking this module because a number of batch mates were taking it (after being unable to map it on exchange or failing it on exchange). Class Format: Lecture (2 +1h) + tutorials (7 in total) We attended Prof Teo’s tutorials as all the other tutors were hopeless. Usually a department representative would be invited down as well (Prof Quan the SEP coordinator came down for ours). This is Prof Yang’s first time teaching and she seemed to struggle with how to best acknowledge lousy class parts. Mid term and final exams are written papers, similar to the HW. It was held in an intimate setting in the classroom. Some European schools teach in their native language (eg. TEs need not have an equivalent in NUS to be mapped and can just be mapped back as an exchange TE. BSP3001 Strategic Management  – I highly recommend clearing this abroad after taking this in NUS in my last sem. Like others, he claimed tough but manageable, he got a bump on his head from all the bowing. CONDUCT: Lectures: 3 hours per week, every week. Overall, I would recommend this module! However, do not worry, there is no difference between the 2 modules (I had this worry when I was a freshman). I only started on the paper a day before it was due thinking it could be completed overnight. I also wanted to write on my experience with CSWA as well as the procedure and difficulties in applying for exchange. I don’t think liking the prof is a good reason for saying I enjoyed this module. Back from Exchange, lets trudge on with the module reviews before I ran out of juice and this flight lands in Shanghai. I spent the first few bows trying to coordinate my hands and legs. However, by this sem, its become obvious to me what makes a good comment and which are pure fluff. I went back to the Hall of No Form and viola there were my slippers! If I did all the readings for the week I think I’d need 5 hours min (I didn’t actually do the readings until before the test). I thought the same as well. Students are allowed to move between tutorial classes and I hardly ever attended my own class. Was it just for one or two modules across semesters or was it widely used and should always be readily available. Time to head home for a shower. (Note: You should only leave your shoes here if you plan on returning to pick them up, 5 in a row, left feet first, palms together, bow every 3 steps. Preferably of slightly thicker material and loose to allow movement. To me, some concepts of human behaviour may seem obvious but the research required to proof and justify it definitely isn’t. Workload: 2/5 Some of these were fairytale, Man and Superman, Brickpunk etc. Professor Seeram Ramakrishna from NUS Mechanical Engineering is once again (since 2014) named among the world’s most highly cited researchers in the latest list of Highly Cited Researchers™ 2020 by Clarivate. Review: The department emails asking you to visit the FYP portal and rank your choices. Workload: 3/5 On the other hand, upslopes were tiring on the thighs and put pressure on the already bruised knees. Both profs are very experience but the classes can be quite dry because of the proving. Difficulty: 2/5 Assessment: Class part, individual report and group project (presentation and report) I brough my tutorial notebook with me but I should’ve printed out all the tutorial and practice questions solution becuase the finals turned out to be the exact copy of the tutorial question. Within the 55min long session, you must try to speak, once so either fight hard or look for emptier tutorial slots. Beautiful in the beginning middle and end. There were no questions given – we were expected to identify the problem and propose a analysis and recommendation for the company. The amount of effort the teams put in for the final presentation is ridiculously high. From the busstop, I headed to the Hall of No Form (4th floor) to join the queue for 3S1B. Chanting helped to take my attention off my muscles. It comprises a list of coursework modules to be conducted in NUS within the first 2 quarters of the programme. Professor: Prof Gao Xiao Dan. My friends and I would cut lunch short to camp outside the tutorial room so we could rush in to chope seats. Do not complain when you get to present because you earn your class part keep from there. The least popular I’d say are in Eastern europe, and German universities with language prerequisite. Unlike marketing, students seemed to have stopped their crazy pre class over preparation. Stay until the second bell, get up and wait for the sound of Ben to take a step. It is likely to have been on the positive HR practices of macdonals. The group presentation was called Business Unusual (BU). Prof Seeram R is among 13 highly cited researchers from NUS Engineering, and among 25 from NUS. For Midterm, 4 scenarios were given and we had time to write out a script. Group project for part 1 is a case, presented on a poster. Attending lecture/ sectional is sufficient. I was accepted to both Mechanical Engineering faculties from NTU and NUS, where in the end I chose NTU (currently a second year undergraduate). The new prof seemed terribly lost and I decided it would be a struggle to sit through that class. This is one of those modules that I was warned against taking, mainly because of the professors. As usual, I had fun writing out the cheatsheets and making them neat. Review: It is through the meticulous planning and efforts of volunteers that made what would be a chaotic event (given the crowd), so strangely peaceful and calm. The essay questions were released in the course syllabus and were discussed in the lecture and tutorials. I will elaborate on this. Time is key here so don’t spend too much time getting results just quickly sketch the graphs and get out of there. Less achievement in more time. It wasn’t anyone’s fault, it was just the path winding and narrowing, causing minor congestion. Professor: Prof Hong. Review: Many had to reject their allocations because they didn’t make sure of this. For Vesak this year, I decided to participate in the 3 step 1 bow ceremony at Kong Meng San Park Kor See Monastery (KMS). Part 1 questions are very tedious and worth very little while part 2 questions can be solved within 4 line. Most of the volunteers were even aunties and uncles, who stayed up overnight when even a millennial like me couldn’t. I would like to consult current students/alumni. I didn’t hear raving reviews about this modules from my engineering peers who stayed. The indiv assignment is to solve a problem (on queuing/ service arrival times) using monte carlo method. Review: The individual assignments where we had to identify the use of consumer behaviour theory in day to day advertising keeps the module on the ground. Module Code MLE1111 Module Title Foundation Materials Science and Engineering I Description This module is a pure materials science and materials engineering module, which focuses on foundation and core concepts that practicing materials engineer must know. The workload is heavy in NUS and little guidance is given (which is the purpose of this module). It will be one of the group’s mini project to discuss the case in class (50min). Meanwhile, I am just trying to keep awake (burnout from fyp) and gather notes without missing information. There is no need to read the textbook, but I did it for the exam. This module received good reviews from those who had taken it previously and I was highly recommended to take this mod. If the professor gets very interested, he may end up having a chit chat session with your professor (and completely forget about you haha). Workload: 3/5 Europe universities were very popular, especially the Nordic ones. One cheatsheet was allowed for the exam yet I managed to copy the operation sign (plus become minus, minus become plus) wrongly for an equation. Our lab tutor was very strict on submission time, he did an above average job explaining the lab but refused to spoon feed us the answer for the lab questions (much unlike other labs, I realised I have not described a typical ME lab). I remember learning about motors, semiconductors, inductors, and diodes. The project was a bigger problem. We relished the chance to travel cheaply on RyanAir to across Europe from UK to Romania. Prof Marleen will jot down the points raised in class on the board. Professor: Prof Peter Zeitz. Successful mappings have a similar sounding title, content that is >50% similar and similar workload hours. Why am I ruining my carefully trained sleep cycle to take part in this? List of modules – BTech (Mechanical Engineering), comprise: 1. I can’t say it was difficult but there were components such as the tone listening that I never got right even after listening to many replays of the podcasts/ mock listening. There was no page limit on the report either but we hit around 20. Exchange can still the time to gain knowledge from the most prestigious universities in the world, just be prepared to work hard. If unsuccessful, there is always round 2 (and 3, and then you can look for your favourite professor and plead him to open a project for you). I lost motivation near recess week. Just kidding. This class was more fun than the core modules. It made sure we aren’t just learning inapplicable theories which biz school is so commonly criticised for. No doubt a good lecturer, like the reviews I had heard! Many groups headed in the same direction so standing out was difficult. I started this module with gusto, thinking it would be great to brush up on my weak writing skills but ended up more convinced that writing isn’t for me. Having said that, it is not easy abroad as well and many have failed. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. While waiting, I anxiously wondered what to do with my barang barang – am I going to have to carry it around? Most engineering students go for exchange in Year 3, with the exception of GEP students who go in Y2. Here you will find out which parts of the cheatsheet is most useful (which you may want to highlight) and which formulae are missing. Bring a laptop along as processing the calculations in excel would be more accurate and faster. Be the one to rescue your prof from this awkwardness and you will be rewarded handsomely in class part. While my friends spent their quota doing mainly thematic summaries, I discovered that I was bad at it and abandoned it after 2 essays. The paper is easy with the exception of 1 question designed to identify the good students. Review: I want to look back and truly say last sem best sem. In Sem 2, Europe universities operate on 2 half-semesters with a break (at least a week) in between for Easter. Workload: 1/5 Difficulty: 4/5 Preparing the case study before tutorials takes quite some time and tutorials are used for group discussion and presentation. I took this module because there was no exam (I just wanted to experience the thrill of not taking exams and leaving in week 13). The moment the lecturer came in, it was problematic. We covered activity network, bottleneck process, pricing theory, location selection, forecasting etc. So much to do and I hope I will be able to. Bring the tutorial solutions as exam questions tend to be repetitive. Difficulty: 1/5 My favourite chapter out of these is the one second best institutions. Regardless of whether you plan to go in Y3S1 or Y3S2, there is only one application window that begins in Y2S1. In selecting a project, definitely read the project description, check the project prerequisites, find out about the prof, verify if it’s a group project or continuation of previous semester’s. Class Format:  Lecture (2h) + tutorials (2h alt week) They do not grade on a curve but the threshold for a passing grade is high. Difficulty: 2/5 However you will find that schools overseas do not do such long hours. show off about all the fun they had). Part 1 tutorials were mainly free and easy time for groups (3 people, form your own group) to work on the design problem (choose from 3 problems provided by the lecturer). Prof Audrey was super friendly and always positive. This “fluff” module was a respite from all the content heavy engineering modules. This meant every weekend, I would be doing Thai, either revising for quiz or struggling for HW. Hence if you don’t understand the content, do not expect a bell curve to save you. I could see it but it wasn’t near. Earlier this year my friend said he’d done it once with the mother. We read and discussed a case for 3 classes and had 2 weeks of 3-learning on Mcgraw-hill’s Connect. Faculty/School Department Module Code Module Title Module Class UG GD DK NG CPE Duke-NUS Medical School Duke-NUS Dean's Office GMS1000 The Duke-NUS Premed Course E - E1 - … The places available are for the academic year. NUS Mechanical Engineering softwares. I frequently feel that I’m not pushing myself hard enough yet I have no motivation to move any faster. A rushed job but which served its purpose. There were definitely annoying classmates such as this guy who kept making somewhat lewd comments. Prof Ravi sent out a anskey almost immediately after the exam, which I read and my heart sank. We learn about the interesting and what I’d consider more random aspects of economics in this module. A lot of the work will be done during the December holidays, so try not to disappear for the whole month. Would I actually have been able to handle a 5th mod when I was already spending hours in lab stressing over FYP? Deciding to do a specialization, take up a bond, skip a summer school, to not overload in year 4 etc now I’m taking 4.5 years and still without the honours. Assessment:  Class participation 15%, HW 10%, Mid term case 20%, indiv paper 20%, mini project 15%, final project 20% Just a student in NUS Mechanical Engineering writing reviews on modules. This is not what I want my last sem to be. Firstly bootcamp isn't guaranteed to work and one of my friends actually messed up her hard drive lol. Looking back, I’ve been doing 7 mods a semester from year 1 just because I really wanted to finish a double honours within 4 years. The temple was brightly lit, cars filled the roads along the temple, people were streaming in and out of the temple. They were just part of the path to be completed. Workload: 1/5 (minimal effort put in because I planned to S/U this) The project is really an assignment. The profs show the proofs in class but we are not expected to be able to do proving in the exam, only to apply the equations to solve the questions. A set of practice questions are provided. I had the great fortune to receive lots of help from my prof, my lab tech (definitely make friends with the lab tech), lab engineer, research fellows and lab mates. None of the information here is representative or accurate and although phrased like advisory, its more of my own thoughts/ things I wished I knew. At least 3 essay questions for each week, one of which will be a thematic summary of any of the week’s reading and the others were questions related to the theme. Workload: 1/5 On the way out, devotees were streaming in for the full day of Vesak celebrations. Each week there will be a chapter of textbook reading, a HBR article and a case with 4-5 questions. My professor emailed me to arrange the meeting. On that note, the expectation for interim presentation is not high. Sounds dubious for a world class education, but this is the part that’s truly teaching us life skills – how to hustle for what you want. Professor: Acaan Tasaneeporn. I’m matriculating this year into NUS ME and have thoughts on getting a MacBook Pro. Understand the content and don’t prepare a script. However, under 25s get charged additional fees for renting cars so it might end up being expensive anws. Exam can only do part (a). You will even find the slides familiar because they are made in the same style. As I look back, I realised I have looked forward to this since the start of university. This module is strongly recommended for students heading towards Chemical & Bioprocess Engineering. The rest of the answers are usually just repetition/ rephrasing of your answers. Hence most of my answer is based on my experience in NTU. I try to sleep but I guess the tea served by China Eastern was way too strong. I have currently use a PC at home with decent specs and I’m thinking if it’s feasible to just bring another computer on days I’d be required to use Solidworks. I slept while waiting for public transport to start operating at daybreak. No preparation required for tutorials. The purpose of the second part is to provide practical knowledge on running the startup, and he almost failed at it. Class Format: Lecture (2 x 2h) In a typical session, Prof Natrajan prints out the weeks problems for us and solves them in class, step by step. Took a moment to IG the robotic buddha spraying blessed water, because of the irony that the temple is going high tech faster than I could make my company go. I had a kind, caring teacher and a playful class. I missed most of the lectures which were not webcasted.