This show is so so so amazing. Like the one that just won an Oscar??? OMG I love this drama so much. Do you remember this guys? I really love how matured Jeong Ha and Hye Jun’s relationship is. GO N WATCH RECORD OF YOUTH NOW!! Also I can’t help but feel like somethings not right. it's realistic but not boring. Stay safe everyone! It is a happy ending where you know that eventually they will get back with each other. No dubt: Park Bo Gum is an amazing, young actor. So no character is gonna talk "Charlie jung is death and you all are thirsty of gossip about his relationship with Hyejun?" Felicia Sep 08 2020 6:42 am Bo gummie and So dam have good chemistry but I agree with a comment below. He is perfect for this role though I cannot/ do no watch his kissing scenes ?? His father is strict and his brother is annoying but aren't we Asians all grow up from a family that our fathers are hot-tempered and our siblings are sometimes stupid and we had a lot of fights about work and love and future when we are in our 20s? Yeah, I really wasn't expecting that ending. They rushed the last few episodes soooo much! Park so is also very nice and does good job. Oh my gosh, I watched episode 10 and was floored by the ending. SERA Sep 22 2020 10:12 pm It's really nice how they are really showing amazing character development, though I'm also curious as to the backstory of An Jeong-ha's character, why is she so sad?. I like hhow Sa Hye-Jun and An Jeong-Ha's relationship is shown in the drama : as a sum of simple but precious moments like spent eating, talking, dancing in the rain, watching tv together. It was somewhat empty and lacked substance. Beta28 Sep 21 2020 10:48 pm I super love this drama next to descendants of the sun, Barun Sep 21 2020 2:13 pm ?⏳⏰ Cant wait??? ♥ promise you're gonna love him there! The story is really happening in real life and its good .It seems that there's need for a thrill in the acting of a woman, I do not see anything good acting jut just carried by the actor Park Bo Gum. I just wished we got more out of the couple and the bromance between the three. Jinijine Sep 26 2020 11:17 am It lived upto its name and so I am really happy with its end which shows them going to 30's where they cannot blame anyone as their own actions are responsible for where they are now. “Record of Youth” is a drama about young people … Then some unnecessary detail or plot twist is introduced and takes up a major part of the remaining episodes and makes the drama feel dragged out and slow. Park bo Gum is great here but I feel the chemistry is poor. window.W4GRB = new Object(); Thats all. I've seen more realistic and good dramas. Andrea Oct 18 2020 6:20 pm Some of their interaction feels overly scripted without feelings and makes those particular scenes weird to watch. I was waiting to see if it was incorporated into the last two eps. Love you ? If the writers didn't want to show romance, they shouldn't have concentrated on it in the start. will the plot thicken or will it just stay the same and get more boring than it already is? Ap Sep 24 2020 10:04 pm But I see none. Let's not forget that she doesn't want to do the 'Meet the Parents' yet and approaching Hye Jun after the awards will end up with that. Fayesha Oct 14 2020 9:01 pm I'll rate this drama a 7/10. Heidy May 12 2020 11:20 pm second lead is so much more better than first lead in looks and acting. I Love The Leads. I ep 12, his mother cried when all of a sudden sent his help to her. I really wanted to like this romcom but as much as I have enjoyed the past performances of Park Bo-Gum and Park So-Dam, there is no chemistry here. Instead of being a pilar for him, and maybe a counselor because he has no one to go seek advice to when you think about it, she's one of the person he must try to protect too. They honestly could have had a better ending. But overall i still love it as many cute and iconic scenes. berry Oct 05 2020 7:02 am This is really intended for mature people who wants something new and somewhat realistic. The ending is soo hypocritic! She graduated from After School after eight years with the group in May 2018. Leading actress. I don’t think there’s chemistry between the leads as well. She ended up consoling Hae Hyo as a result of her dodging the parents. one doesn't have to fall for the other. All in all of love the show. I'v have gotten hooked in this drama where park Bo-Gum became famouse actor. These responses paint a concerning portrait of the ways youth make sense of sexual violence and consider responding to a friend’s disclosure. I dont think so, its a drama about family and how hyejun pursue his career with his ups and down. How great their action and cemistry. Thats it. { Its nice that this one got released on my birth month.. seems like an early bday gift for me! I still don't see nor feel the chemistry between Park Bo-Gum / Sa Hye-Jun and Park So-Dam / An Jeong-Ha. Watch Record of Youth Ep 15 Eng Sub Viki in Hd format on our website ?super excited. Muta88 Sep 10 2020 5:03 pm Sending ❤️ from the Philippines ? I'm expecting for them to fight the challenges in life together, as Hye jun said Jeongha was there for his success but why can't he be there for her. Other problem is, there is no tension between the lead actors. I don't think what she did was horrible but it's more of a slight lack of judgement. Belle Jan 09 2021 11:19 pm I love park sodam and bogum but I don't think there's enough chemistry here, I just love them individually as actors, Fan Oct 14 2020 5:25 am I've been waiting forever!!! My heart hurts for Park Bo Gum - I'm going to miss seeing him on the big screens for the next 2 years !!!!!!! The chemistry between the lead actors were so-so. Just like "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", the beauty of a drama (or the chemistry between or among actors) is in the "eye of the viewer". The first half of the show we were introduced to JH as someone who speaks her mind and has no filter and this is one of the reasons why HJ fell in love with her. Not underrated if you follow watching this its about family ronance reoatuonship. I'm already waiting on pins and needles for this! Sesuai jadwal tayang drakor Record of Youth hadir setiap Senin dan Selasa pukul 21.00 waktu setempat atau 19.00 WIB. this drama is really a Record of Youth. He is revengeful and can’t wait to destroy anyone that can stand a chance to succeed . seulgi Oct 27 2020 7:38 pm Nani Oct 06 2020 8:34 pm Put Jan 19 2021 9:00 am The entire series is realistic, and it really hits close to home with all of the events happening. Hye Jun and Jeong Ha relationship seems too good to true. Just hoping Hyejun will say that. I am happy that there are still people who like and appreciate Roy's story even though it is an open ending. GhostNebula Nov 01 2020 11:16 am This drama frustrates me. Cdb Sep 22 2020 4:55 am I've just finished ep 3 and cannot wait to watch the next one. After watching episode 13 I’m left feeling heartbroken ?. Record of Youth Watcher Oct 15 2020 4:54 pm Rn there are alrd many problems and more seems to be coming and adding on when old ones are not solved. For me, sge didnt potray her character well. Palli, palli The Moment Drama comes fast please. Sodam is a bit restraint but I understand the character because she needs to earn someone's trust before she becomes so warmhearted. Lorella Masseria Nov 14 2020 1:40 am And a Hye-Jun’s ex LOL like we literally do not care. Spoiler Are there even many artists where it is difficult for them to maintain a relationship even though they love each other? Park Soo Young is a South Korean singer and actress. It just doesn't match the character they built up so far. Breaking up seemed as though she didn't trust SA will always be there. There was beautiful moments in this drama, especially those with grampa (I really love him, 'cause remember me mine). Omg!!! Overall, it’s still 8/10 for me, subtracting all these weak points. Stay safe <3. how many episodes are there? You're free to say that it's boring. Not enough air time for the other actor. Friend -traitor, girlfriend -traitor. For example on episode 10 JH came home to HJ he cooking (which was a surprise) and all HJ can muster was go wash your hands... Lol! It could’ve been comic like with “Her private life” but it was just bland. But, lets see how it goes.. Gee Sep 24 2020 4:29 am the only thing that makes me wanna watch this are the actors. I kept on watching this just to see his character sa hye jun succeed. I love this show because it’s slice of life, great acting, different and nice but what next? Bruh such a waste of Talent! ????? Title: 청춘기록 / Cheongchun-girok Genre: Drama, youth Episodes: 16 Broadcast network: tvN Broadcast period: 2020-Sep-07 to 2020-Oct-27 Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:00 Original Soundtrack: Record of Youth OST Synopsis. The timeline of this drama: is it still 2018 thats going on? h Sep 18 2020 1:16 am The song has an English line like: It keeps you wanting for more episode. The whole drama is therapeutic and entertaining for me. A lame excuse of a screenplay. NN Aug 17 2020 10:45 pm I like the story. Nice storyline. I think this is the weakest point of the drama. Serena Sep 30 2020 7:04 pm It's okay if anyone doesn't like it because people's tastes and thoughts are different. Really appreciated all staff or people who work hard for this drama.. you guys really did a good job:), Hi Sep 17 2020 1:23 pm The cast is doing a great job though. Misstirque Oct 12 2020 10:21 pm There was nothing realistic about the ending. The ending of the drama broke my heart. i think she’s aware that hae hyo likes her and just likes the attention. by C. Lee tvN has shared a new look at Girl’s Day’s Hyeri behind the scenes of “Record of Youth”! Hiền Lương Sep 11 2020 11:04 pm Andrea Oct 19 2020 8:34 am Their relationship will never work. What baffles me is that the 2 leads don't have enough physical affection with each other when they were suppose to be missing each other so much! Z Sep 30 2020 6:20 pm This links to the current day. Okay, I'm officially disappointed. I watched the story mainly because of pbg, from the synopsis it self the story touch about how youth(artist / celebrity) struggle with family, society and innerself.. It's not like she left with the intention to go off with Hae-Hyo. Just finished the first episode will try to catch ep2 but I'm not hooked already. the convos aren't that great and inspirational either. I think I've seen one drama where the main couple never once gave up, not even for the other one, but just kept remaining loyal and together they everything. Very shallow storyline. I also HATED that the show wasn't chronological. When I watched record of youth I focused more on bogun acting. Thanks Pam U. Rosemary Okello Oct 23 2020 12:58 pm googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1431704070868-0'); }); Current user rating: 89/100 (2744 votes) Joila Oct 24 2020 3:47 pm i am waiting. Tirza Gan Oct 06 2020 1:58 am And the story can describe well about how to reach our dreams especially in entertainment field. Jo Oct 12 2020 11:11 pm Previously Known as: The Moment. Leila Oct 31 2020 12:16 pm Anne Oct 06 2020 11:16 am ROLL CALL Maple Valley Board Members: Melody Bennett, Robin Kwong, Viki Kychakoff, and Eric Magbaleta City Clerk Shaunna Lee-Rice, Library Cluster Manager Cecie Streitman 3. annoying and typical of female lead...would it kill her to just say 'I'm your fan', did the writer have to make PBG feel bad...actually worse than he's already feeling?? APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES Loved it, Intan Sep 21 2020 11:32 am i was hoping haehyo won't fall for jeongha but in this ep i can tell that he's head over heels with her already. This forces the viewers to watch anyway, as they are already invested in the drama and require some closure. I'm sorry for the language but dah reporta gal deh need a beating. Thanks PBG. All the cast is perfect and I like very much the couple interactions between Hye-Joon (Park Bo Gum) and Jong Ha (Park So Dam). [1][2] The editing technique of foreshadowing has been used in many episodes of this series. Their conversations are rather close to real life as well and that's also something I appreciate. The relationship itself seemed a little rushed, and once they started dating, their screen-time together felt even less. KdramaAddict Oct 31 2020 10:33 am All rights reserved. During the first half if you ask me what sort of gf will JH be to HJ, she is somebody who doesn't hold back on her feelings and will likely be the one to keep everything together when the going gets tough for them two. 9/10!! dramanatic Sep 19 2020 1:37 pm His acting skills are incredible and evolving. Which I’m so mad, bcs she is the freaking actress from Parasite. mangtae Sep 27 2020 7:41 am Record of youth so it’s just the beginning of their new chapter of their lives. I dont know about how good/ bad acting is but one think for sure is i always can feel what he feel and thats enough for me. Bogum acting is great and the others too. I slept half of episode 1, and the same thing happened on episode 2. I hope Hye Jun's grandfather become successful I glad to watched all 16 episodes, however I will never repeat to watch them.To me moonlight still the best piece of pbg. Loved the first two episode. I’m preparing myself for whatever heartbreaks that are yet to come. Victory Dec 25 2020 11:07 pm Really appreciated all staff or people who work hard for this drama.. you guys really did a good job:) I hope more people will watch this drama, Kdramas lovers Sep 17 2020 1:22 pm Writer just ruined the drama for me. What is going on?! Bestest drama, can't believe it ended already. There seems to be a few ways the storyline could've progressed without the usual best friend/ex-girlfriend plots. For me, the important thing is that in the end each of them is happy to live their life, don't depend on our happy feelings on other people or for something. I really like the main lead, their chemistry are sooo good >,< I ship them both, how cute. Hope he both lead actor stay in relationship until the last episode. Lee Jae Won is a South Korean actor. PBG's character is too good of a person to be real, but I'd rather watch people too good for the world than straight-up evil people. Vincent Oct 27 2020 5:52 pm Really want hae to and ah jeon ha to end up together. To me this imply that he loves her but he can also be absent minded (add to that the lack of skin contact after epi 8). @Pun how is the female lead not affectionate? Kay Sep 17 2020 1:55 pm I think we can all agree a high calibre of acting was expected with the actors in this drama and as usual they did not fail. SPOILERS! HJ may end up with JA or HH may end up with JA, shrugs shoulders, who knows, or they all may go their separate ways. Genre: Family, Melodrama, Youth. el Nov 21 2020 10:40 am the scence was like you could participate in his confession, I don't know if it was the best role for Bogum or not,cause i think bogum has deep potentials we haven't seen yet, but without a doubt Bogum was the best choice for this role. It sometimes reminds me of Zoolander without the laughs! Like the scenes about the father’s work, or the scenes about the brother’s work, or the scenes about the grandad’s modelling job (necessary, but they gave TOO MUCH screen time for that small plot). I love the ending. To those who are saying that is not good and not enjoyable, just back off. ? loadbox(1); but I didn't see it at all. This is the way of treat to her friends? Don Oct 27 2020 1:59 am It may be the way the show is telling us that they are bound to not be together... Ouch! There wasn’t anything that made me feel like it was over. So emotional watcing this. You should definitely watch if you like Park Bo Gum, his character is the one that was maintained well throughout. [CDATA[ the old evil ex-gf and the cheating as well... so overdone. We can "agree to disagree". This page was last edited on 5 January 2021, at 17:48. Probably it is because I am a woman and I wanted her to get her fighting spirit. Good choice of casts. So much potential and be the reminder for us that he will go to the military soon ??? Since his mother is also mean, it seems bad behavior is their family problem. I think Jeong-Ah is better suited to be with Hye-Ho than Hye-Jun. He should stop his one sided love, but if feelings could be control he wouldn't have fall for her to begin with. have yall seen her in parasite?!? I think he genuinely Likes her as well. It fell entirely flat at episode 12. L Oct 18 2020 9:03 pm Jennie Aug 15 2020 12:16 pm Record of Youth. tvN’s latest drama has a lot of quiet-but … The following Record of Youth Episode 12 English Sub has been released now. i have high expectation for this drama but why apart from the main lead the supporter is so bad in acting?like i rlly had enough of them acting it's so cringey and too much ESPECIALLY HAE HYO'S MOM I RLLY WANT TO PUNCH HER WHEN SHE IS ON THE SCREEN. i think it's the best one of all his dramas. And all of us can totally relate because we were all like that once (when we’re young). Premiere Watch: Record of Youth by missvictrix. Yeji Oct 16 2020 4:22 am Sa Hye-Jun (Park Bo-Gum) is smart and handsome. What song is played in the background of the Netflix Trailer? Time slot: Monday & Tuesday Broadcaster: tvN Genre: Family, coming-of age, melo Episode count: 16. Nalbee Oct 26 2020 8:19 am Fran Oct 27 2020 6:38 am Takuya Oct 29 2020 9:26 am Really a lovely series, I loved all the cost especially Park Bo Gum with his cute look. “Record of Youth” stars Park Bo Gum, … Bcs every drama has moral message to convey it to us as audience. He deserves Best Actor award for this series. bhavna Oct 18 2020 12:11 pm the story is ordinary and simpel but its a surprise bcs how i love it. But why is everything so attractive? Girl, you need to work in a different range of emotions.[1]=227456; I love this pairing so much. Available on: iQIYI, Viki. Peace! The most boring drama. Lotlot96 Nov 03 2020 9:46 am But im still rooting for jeong ha hye jun atw!! If Park Bo Gum had not been the main lead, I would not have watched it. If you want something running in a background. | Privacy Policy | Contact,, declining chemistry between leads; for me, the bromance between hye jun & hae hyo was better than PBG and PSD's hshhs, awkward acting ni park so dam ((Opinion Only)), i mean, there were some scenes that could've been better. Dina Jul 07 2020 11:43 am never make a reason for viewer to drop the series! I like how PBG portrayed his character. can't wait to see ep 5 & 6 please!!!!!!! i hope it's getting better for the next week. Grace Oct 27 2020 11:54 am And the acting of Park Bo-gum OMO! It's not good, neither for her agency nor for Hye Jun. If you have a time in your hands i think this is an okay drama but if you're looking for something that will keep you watching for more i guess this is not in the top of the list. Yes there are some questions were hanged as to what had happened to the other characters it just that it shown there that there are a lot of journey they have to take as a youth. I’m ready. Byun Woo Seok as SML is a handsome and more tall than Park Bo Gum. Their meeting also wasn't rushed at all. Shuro Oct 06 2020 5:41 am However, for her I can see why she didn't refuse Hae-Hyo. Overall it's good and I'll respect the Director and the writer. It's just the opinion of an italian' cinema passionate. Finally giving wrong message to everyone. Glam Aug 28 2020 12:29 pm But the writer wrote the main lead couple to be awkward! Lol Oct 26 2020 11:53 pm Simglo Feb 21 2020 4:47 pm Toemi Sep 30 2020 4:14 am I'm soooooo excited!!!!!!!! The line of script for her is good probbly the acting and expression of her face. It's may already, no teaser or trailers whatsoever. I blame Jeong Ha for not being open with Hye Jun all the time as if he's gonna leave her if she complains about how things are currently. Is the second lead guy going to turn evil or something because he can’t get the girl? should have know first and lower my expectation for romance. Through nine episodes I thought this one was different, once again the writers have to go back to same story line and make girls cheat with another guys. He's a good friend, he's been there for Hye Jun since childhood honestly. I may say that the lead actors didn’t end up as a lovers but somehow Sa Hye Jun marked her as a good memories because when they meet again they were good seeing each other. Because it's starting to change the two of them, they aren't as youthful as before, they worried too much to the point that they weren't expressing their selves anymore. Most importantly Park bogum and Park so dam sure rocked their roles. This drama will really hook you up, I SWEAR. W4GRB.user_rating[1]=0; This drama is very good ♥ ️, treannah Oct 13 2020 6:24 pm I will have to say it is 100/100... They seem forced. I'm like Jin-U among my friends.Lol and they want to make me go on a diet but I don't joke with food. Chungha released ofgicually today Sept 15, it's upbeat, so Lee Hi is the last woman singer, might be her song. after watching up to ep5,Im telling myself, its ordinary story and storyline, ordinary people and characters, it should not be a good series or a lovely one. The main reason I started watching the drama was because of the leads (Park Bo-Gum and Park So-Dam), but we rarely got to witness their moments as a couple, the slow and awkward transition from friends to lovers, their fights and making up. Go for it Hye-Jun rooting for you. She works for him and she could tell he was dealing with something. 2. cant wait for the next episode. I’m not disappointed with the romance because it wasn’t the main point of the series. I can't imagine what this drama would have looked like if anyone else played hye jun, the role looks like it was meant for bogum, it fits him so well. So far I enjoyed it. C. The youth-at-large member shall be a non-voting member whose presence shall not be required when establishing a quorum for meeting purposes. People have to stand up to a bully like Jin-Ju. I think it's not boring also it's not also exciting but if you think the context or what the stort is, I think it is very good and has a lot of life lessons especially for the youth. query2page(W4GRB.query_url[1],"w4g_rb_area-1",2,1); But for me Park Bo Gum isnt about his handsomeness, he is very charismatic. Many public documents are available on the DCYF website and may be … Personally, I tend to agree. If this drama will be airing on September so what's on August? HAVICH Sep 18 2020 1:45 am Most k-dramas can be completed in just 8-10 episodes. Still love the drama tho! Its too slow and wordy.. He's not an orphan. What factors make the actors’ interplay enhance the film? The couple (or even the whole cast) may be family, friends, enemies, or frenemies. Its the right timing for them to meet again in their 30s which mean they can start their relationship seriously. I love so dam since watch cinderella n four knight. I love this drama already, I can wait nexts ep. I like the Youth spirit in it , and i think we will see more of his cool grandpa scenes cuz he is a pointing character too , i hope i really hope i can't see more of same gender love in next episodes. I have been repeating this line since yesterday, ‘I wont accept the reality which doesn’t lets me to do what I want.’ Ugh this drama is gonna make me cry. fateme:) Sep 21 2020 4:07 pm Be ready for a tasteless and cliché ending sprinkled with some faux tears and melodrama. Honestly both main leads did amazing! Does anyone know the opening-scene song?? Imagine how she felt seeing his ex girlfriend coming to his rescue. It wasn't boring, there were many lives developing togheter like happens in a family. It is definitely a tendency for kdramas to drag on the “should-we-date” phase, forcing you to watch more eps of their flirtations, so it is definitely something to applaud that they did not waste time on this and simply cut to the chase that they were dating. I like all rhe cast but the leading girl seems less affectionate in acting. Taekkie May 16 2020 12:20 am i won't say ep 11 and 12 are bland, because the main lead interaction is so little. who wants Hyejun and Seo-u in the end? the story get stuck in eps 3-4, and that so bored. Andrea Oct 19 2020 6:38 pm Every ep is like repeating situations from beggining to end is still same no climax. She sees him as a friend, and he's good at remain on the line without stepping over the boundaries. Bo gum always impresses and in this kdrama he's really shinning. The best and realest kdrama so far.. Me Oct 18 2020 6:02 pm Love Bogummy, always glad to see him in another drama. The rest I fast forward. The ex manager & other actor is also okay. falling4228 Sep 10 2020 12:46 am If it wasn't for Park Bo Gum I dont think I can continue this series. And we never call that a tragedy or difficulties in life. You got yourself a NEW fan here!) Jeong-Ha isn't that person. spending time with hae hyo instead of hyejun on his special day?? that is hella scam for viewer. Hae hyo on the other hand, I hated his character at the beginning but now I enjoy watching him and jeong ha, i think they're more comfortable with each other. I love jeong ha character so so much and bogum aura. Congratulations!!! We barely got scenes of them together after hye jun's career took off. especially the family of heaehyo and hye jun. He's been raised this way so he can't doubt his mom doing, most of us don't doubt about our parents doing toward us when it seems to be for our own good. THIS DRAMA IS SO RELATABLE TO ALL YOUTH OUT THERE. I wasnt disappointed by the ending. I'm going to miss him a lot. Nyx Sep 14 2020 11:12 pm It is like their relationship is "too good to be true". It was bittersweet but if you're the type to imagine what-if, JH was wearing the shoes he bought her. The reason why I wouldn't jump on the HH bandwagon is because this character is so pathetic. My favorite part is friendship. After watching ep 5 and feel so bored. For once the main guy is not some rich guy. However, I'm still wondering what happened to that assumed breakup scene at JH's place? As mentioned, what really drew me into the series was their friendship dynamic, and this is largely due to the character of Jeong-Ha. There’s also nothing wrong with being friends with your boyfriend/girlfriend best friend and them hanging out in your house often. Idk It's so boring to me, i get it's all about realistic life and mid life crisis but it too slow and boring, dduddu Sep 21 2020 10:58 am He's always there for her, now that hye jun is so busy you can imagine how boring her life would be without hae hyo because she literally doesn't have friends and I applaud him for that. Also whoever gave Byeon Woo-Seok a leading role has made a big mistake. i am so excitedddddd. I quite agree with the comment below. Love it Oct 07 2020 11:55 pm But for foreigners especially the new fans of kdrama who want to watch it because it's in netfli during this pandemic, this drama is totally something new for them and didn't suit with their taste and expectation. It shows what it really is but seems still attractive! Sometimes in relationships, no one person is to blame for its failure. she's... annoying. Thanks! I don't like drama that's dragging. I'm glad An Jeong-ha threw Jin-Ju with water, Twice!! Other bonuses it has an excellent actor our PBG, I salute you together with the other cast and staff. He'll just feel like she doesn't want to rely on him... Record of Youth Watcher Oct 15 2020 4:40 pm Are you her brother?? I'm so excited to see Sa Hye Jun (Park Bo Gum) become a highest paid actor in the next episodes and An Jeong Han (Park So Dam) become the top make-up artist. a series that I am looking forward to. Feel sorry for PBG as he is one of my favourite actor. Oh well! Yeji stan Apr 30 2020 3:38 pm Park Bo Gum is so handsome and talented Im waiting for a highlight in every episode to keep me excited. Joongki shed tears as Bogum wins Top Excellence in Acting Award [2016 KBS Drama Awards/2017.01.03] - Duration: 8:02. So exited to see this drama. The leads chemistry was cute and fine at first and later went downhill. Can’t wait for episode 7! Highly recommended! Naeun my ult bias Sep 19 2020 4:08 am LJ Jun 28 2020 5:37 pm And I do not know why I love how they shot the different scenes. Also love the cast of this drama and the plot. Selain tayang di tvN, Record of Youth juga dapat disaksikan melalui saluran Netflix. A very realistic drama. I was surprised when the acticle said they've dated for almost over a year. I think.. this drama deserved higher rating than now.. h Sep 18 2020 1:15 am Best drama for me. Other than that I'm 100% in love with the drama. @Mina and @R I love your comments, agree with you two. STAN TXT Nov 08 2020 10:43 am Specifically, the side characters like Hae-Hyo's parents took too much screen time, the scenes with the mothers together felt too repetitive and the scenes with ex manager also felt dragged.