Take up Arms. An Argonian female named Deepest-Fathoms roams the Riften docks. Ask about the Elder Scrolls and then finish talking to him to have him bring out two books on the subject. As you explore the further part of the dungeon, you will reach a thieves camp where you will once again see the spirits of the thieves. Down this hallway you'll find the corpse of Drennen, one of the looters. 88. You must take the Lexicon. You can begin this quest in Riften and your main objective is to take a lexicon to Avanchnzel. This location is full of monsters … Inside the small room you will find lots of treasures and the Racial Phylogeny skillbook which will boost your Restoration. I was looking at UESP and the Wikia and they both say that it only gives the "25% bonus for wearing Dwarven" to all armors EXCEPT Dwarven, but … As you're around Riften, visit the city harbour. ... Elder Knowledge The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Ancient Knowledge: Supposed to make Dwarven armor 25% better, but due to a bug, it makes all non Dwarven armor 25% better. Use the fact that you're on higher ground and kill all the Dwarven Spiders below. >.>) [[walkthrough/Imitation Amnesty|Imitation Amnesty. 1 - Central Chamber This chamber will allow you … Sailor's Repose: Healing spells are 10% stronger. if anyone knows id be happy to know as well :) Unfathomable Depths. On your way you will come across a couple Dwarven Spiders and Dwarven Spheres - try to eliminating them from a distance, as they are rather problematic in direct combat (the spiders explode after dying). For The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Unfathomable Depths - The Lexicon Sidequest (spoilers probably)". Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts The dwarven keep is well guarded by Automatons, so you should equip your best weapon and stock up on potions. Listen to the spirits until the leave, then go down the path and kill two dwemer spiders. Here you can follow the spirits or go left. If you're fast enough, you should quickly get to the lower level, where the body of yet another adventurer lies. Afterwards head down onto the lower level. Wait, Watches-The-Roots fell for it apparently. Objective Ranged players should sneak to the left and get on the metal bookcase inside the room (jump over it) to get to a nice ranged spot to attack from. Cross the room and kill the Dwarven Sphere that will cross your way. Regardless of which you choose, you will quickly return to the surface. Remove this ad - Subscribe to Premium. Copyright © 2000 - 2021 GRY-Online S.A. for gamepressure.com, unofficial game guides, walkthroughs, secrets, game tips, maps & strategies for top games. Ancient Knowledge Knowledge gained from the Lexicon gives you a 25% bonus when wearing Dwarven Armor and Blacksmithing increases 15% faster. Walkthrough. Elder Scrolls and Fallout community: character builds, lore, discussions and more. Now go through the doors to the Avanchnzel Boilery. You will now have completed this quest, but you will also gain a prize: knowledge! Lost to the Ages. Ancient Knowledge Bug » Mon May 21, 2012 4:33 pm The Ancient Knowledge effect given as a questreward is supposed to only affect dwarven armor, but of some reason it also boosts the defence of other set of heavy armor. Main Quests. It's best to get there from the Orc camp of Lorgashbur, though if you haven't yet been there, you can start at Riften and go round the lake. Here, you will be above an assembly area of sorts with FIVE dwemer spiders walking around below. 339. After you pick the lock, the spirits will complain that none of them can pick a lock (hilarious!). Agree to take the lexicon back to Avanchnzel for her and you'll start this quest. Obtained from completing the "Unfathomable Depths" quest. Past that is another storage area (with LOTS of dwemer ingots if you want them) and another scene by the door. To leave the ruin, open the western door; there is an unlocked boss chest in the darkness to your left as you approach the elevator, easily missed. Remove this ad - Subscribe to Premium ... knowledge! Page 2 of 4 - Ancient Knowledge Fix - posted in File topics: Note: The Armor Effect isn't shown unless you put it on. Unfathomable Depths. Ancient Knowledge . You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this page. Free me of my burden." Obtained by completing the quest “ Unfathomable Depths ”, given at the Riften docks by From-Deepest-Fathoms. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Game Guide by gamepressure.com. (a/n: wow I should have taken this quest before I mastered blacksmithing. Luckily the Centurions weren't finished, so you can roam the room freely - use this chance to steal everything that's possible. First, head over to the Riften Fishery area outside of Riften (to the south west) where you will find an Argonian walking the docks named From-Deepest- Fathoms. This site is not associated with and/or endorsed by the Bethesda Softworks or Bethesda Softworks. On this page of our guide to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim we have prepared a detailed walkthrough of the Unfathomable Depths side quest. Sorry, we've got no plans for mobile versions of this game guide. The Throat of the World Alduins Bane. Take the elevator up to the first zone, Avanchnzel, and fight a few enemies. You also shouldn't back out. I completed the quest Unfathomable Depths and acquired Ancient Knowledge: 25% Bonus when wearing Dwarven armor and Blacksmithing increases 15% … Press J to jump to the feed. When you place the Lexicon in the receptacle, you'll gain Ancient Knowledge, which will increase the armor rating you receive from dwarven armor by 25% and also increase the experience you gain when Smithing by 15%. Once you reach level 14, a female Argonian named From-Deepest-Fathoms will appear near Riften Fishery, walking around in circles, manically talking to herself. Head forwards and soon you'll be overlooking a wide cave area. The quest will come to an end and you will have to get out of the dungeon. World Quests. She can be found on the docks near the Riften Fishery outside the gates of Riften . Lvl 62. Make your way over to it or fast travel if you've already discovered it and enter. ... Fategamer do unfathomable depths the docks at riftens south edge a lizard gives you a quest allowing you to build that stuff I pip care call me pip. Further on is a wide room, but don't rush in. Head further down a ramp and through a door to face two more spiders and a sphere guardian. Defeat it and move onwards, fighting with more Spiders and Spheres and clearing the rooms from whatever you consider useful. Past the door on the floor are a LOT of floor plates that spring a spinning blade trap, complete with pistons that force you into it. Apparently one of them wanted to back out, but the others talked him into continuing. Objective. 89. Look out for the door on the fight side of the corridor (screen above), as it's protected with a trap - run straight into the room after opening the it. Intro. These are the "ghosts" of four adventurers (or "thieves," in their own words, although none of them can pick a lock), who went … Objectives . The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Walkthrough and Guide, The College of Winterhold Miscellaneous Quests, The Dark Brotherhood Miscellaneous Quests, Skyrim GD XXVII: Alok Lahvui Ahrk Rel Daar Lein, Cannot initiate any orc quests! After completing the quest Unfathomable Depths an active effect called "Ancient Knowledge" (Smithing skill increases 15% faster) will be given. Knowledge gained from the Lexicon gives you a 25% bonus when wearing Dwarven Armor and Blacksmithing increases 15% faster. There are more spiders down here as well as a door on the way down you can lockpick to access a chest. Past the lexicon receptacle is a lift that takes you back to Avanchnzel (a shortcut back to the path split from WAY earlier) which you can use to take you back to Skyrim. Two ghosts will appear and try to open the door, though none of them has the required skills. Unfathomable Depths. Afterwards head out of the room using the passage on the left and go pass one of the thieves' body. Keep going through a storage area with a skeleton in it. The reward for Unfathomable Depths, Ancient Knowledge, states in the description that it provides a 25% bonus to armor when wearing Dwarven Armor, and that your Smithing skill will increase 15% faster. Location: Riften NPC: From-Deepest-Fathoms (Rifter Fishery) REWARD. Defeat it and afterwards search its body, the body of his friend and the thief. The Companions. (Requirements: Ancient Knowledge, Dwarven Smithing; 1 Dwarven Oil, 1 Common Soulgem, 2 Dwarven Gears, 2 Iron Ingots, and 4 Dwarven Ingots)-Sphere Knight: Higher health and slightly faster than the spider, the knight makes a decent tank and can carry 100(weight). From The Unofficial Skyrim Patch 1.2 notes: 'The Ancient Knowledge perk's 25% bonus when wearing full-Dwemer armor' but the Ancient Knowledge power description says nothing about 'Full' just Dwarven. Knowledge gained from the Lexicon gives you a 25% bonus when wearing Dwarven Armor and Blacksmithing increases 25% faster. However, it's a ways down the ramp, and I do NOT see how anyone could fall for this trap. There's another locked door on the left too for another chest and more goodies. Proving Honor. Follow it and kill the two dwemer guardians who patrol the hallways until you get to some hallways leading down. Nightmares will keep tormenting her until she gets rid of it. Left leads up to the Avanchnzel Balcony and has some more spiders for you to kill, so go straight. The very distraught From-Deepest-Fathoms mumbles about wishing she had never taken a lexicon, and hopes she could give it back. There is a Dwarven Centurion alive and well on the left-side of the room, so sneak attack it if you can. Defeat another Spider and Sphere inside and turn left. You will return to the main part of Avanchnzel, to the corridor which you ignored previously. Obtained from completing the "Frostflow Abyss" quest. Unfathomable Depths Ancient Knowledge - Skyrim Wiki Has her soul been trapped here and her body left to roam Skyrim? What it actually does is give you a permanent bonus to all armor … you see during the quest that they were stealing it, but i dont think it every tells you why she wants to put it back. 338. Trapped door in Avanchnzel - posted in Skyrim Spoilers: I'm doing the "Unfathomable Depths" quest and just came across a booby trapped door in the Avanchnzel Animoncultory. The idea is that the information was imprinted into your character's mind when you gained the Ancient Knowledge perk. Active Effect: Ancient Knowledge Knowledge gained from the Lexicon gives you a 25% bonus when wearing Dwarven Armor and Blacksmithing increases 15% faster. Watch another conversation and enter Avanchnzel Boilery. Hopefully, it’s just as good or better than my first build. The Raid is a Quest in Skyrim. She pretty much forces the Dragonborn to take the strange artefact when talked to, and she will most certainly not take it back. So after the relative success of my first build, I wanted to post a build that includes my certain fondness for the Vigilantes of Stendarr. After reaching the bottom of the mountain, keep going up the slope and afterwards follow the dwarven path. Take the Lexicon to Avanchnzel . 90. Talk to her. Continue onto a bridge past some doors and you'll see two of the spirits talking and heading straight, saying this place was like a library on the dwemer. ANCIENT KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge gained from the Lexicon gives you a 25% bonus when wearing Dwarven Armor and Blacksmithing increases 25% faster. Eventually you should reach a room in which the last of the thieves died (of course not counting From-Deepest-Fathoms). The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. After getting inside, you will witness the ghosts of the previous treasure seekers - apparently the keep became their eternal prison. First, head over to the Riften Fishery area outside of Riften (to the south west) where you will find an Argonian walking the docks named From-Deepest- Fathoms. Avanchnzel is a dwarven ruin to the west of Riften. Keep going on to see another scene between two spirits and afterwards go through the next door to enter a HUGE wide-open area. What's interesting, one of the ghosts is From-Deepest-Fathoms, from whom you received this quest. Kill the Spider and Sphere and head out of the dungeon. Apparently the Lexicon creators know how to reward assistance. Knowledge gained from the Lexicon confers a 25% armor rating bonus to Dwarven armor pieces and Smithingincreases 15% faster. If you agree to take on this mission, you will receive a task of reaching Avanchnzel and taking the Lexicon there. Throughout the battle, try to keep the enemy at distance and shoot at him - he's rather slow, so you should be able to do it. Put the Lexicon onto the pedestal in the middle of the room. You'll be in a hallway full of steam. Two rotating blade things right out of Half Life 2 popped up out of the floor and instakilled me. Learn the location of the Elder Scroll (Optional) Talk to Arngeir or Esbern Travel to the Alfland Cathedral (in Alfland Glaciul Ruins) and use the Lexicon given to you by Septimus Signus(from the quest Discerning the Transmundane) to recover the Elder Scroll Be Lvl 15 or higher to begin the second half of the quest Afterwards, check the left alcove for a chest and go through the door beyond to enter the Avanchnzel Animoncultory. Approach her and the frightened woman will ask you for help in a certain case. (Requirements: Ancient Knowledge, Dwarven Smithing; 1 Dwarven Oil, 1 Common Soulgem, 2 Dwarven Gears, 2 Iron Ingots, and 4 Dwarven Ingots)-Sphere Knight: Higher health and slightly faster than the spider, the knight makes a decent tank and can carry 100(weight). The dwarven keep can be found west of Riften, at the bottom of the mountain (screen below). Continue on (loot the chest under the shelves on the right) to see a scene where Drennen runs off. It's very helpful for leveling smithing. Once you kill all the spiders, be SURE to loot the two dwarven centurion enemies in the middle of this area for some GOOD loot, then go up the stairs to the northwest. Head out of the room using the passage behind the Lexicon altar and unlock the door. I got through using the Become Ethereal shout, but is there some trick to disarming that trap? Does anyone know if the "Ancient Knowledge" perk that you get after completion of the "Unfathomable Depths" quest is still bugged? Ancient Falmer Tomes. If you're good at lockpicking, you can enter the room and collect the treasures found inside. Have fun using it on our WWW pages. Head through the tunnels to the first opening where you'll see red spirits talk amongst each other, From-Deepest-Fathoms included. This location is full of monsters that have to be defeated. It seems that she and three others were hired to steal this lexicon. Soon enough you should reach the keep entrance (screen above). Afterwards move to the room with a trap (screen above). Loot everyone and put the lexicon back into the lexicon receptacle. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Description. You'll see a scene in here, then continue on and downwards and kill another sphere guardian. She apparently has stolen a cursed item - the Lexicon. Take them out and unlock a door on the right for a chest and some goodies on a table. 87. Above her body you will find an inactive centurion and a second one, this time fully operable, who you will need to fight. Head onwards and keep your eyes open for a chest up some stairs to the right and soon you'll be at a camp where you'll see another scene between the spirits. There's also an alchemy lab to the left if you need it. Unfathomable Depths is a side quest given to you by an Argonian named From-Deepest-Fathoms. Apart from a couple guards and dock workers, you will also come across a certain Argonian - From Deepest Fathoms. Head down and kill the spider and sphere guardian you find, then pick the door on the right. im guessing it was driving her insane or something. Head out of the room and turn right, where you will come across a Dwemer storage room. Upon arriving at Avanchnzel, four transparent orange figures will be standing at the bottom of the first large open cave room. You can do it by heading through the Balcony (corridor on the right) or following the path you used to get here (path on the left). A disturbed Argonian named From-Deepest-Fathoms was wandering the Riften docks. Use the ledge here to get in some ranged shots on the four spiders hanging out down here. The Wolf Queen Awakened Intro. — Unsigned comment by ( talk ) at 23:35 on 9 November 2012 So: When you get an Orc Armor set it looks stronger in your Inventory. She will immediately ask you to "return the lexicon" and just seems overall... off. Keep going onwards, fighting enemies on your way and eventually you will reach the Avanchnzel Animoncultory. After killing them, go through the door to see another scene from the raiding party. why does the quest giver (female argonian cant remember her name) want you too return the lexicon to the ruins? When you approach her, she will tell you about a place called Avanchnzel and an item she refers to as "the Lexicon": "You. Random Encounters. Keep following the path made by the ghosts, going forward all the time (don't turn left at the first intersection - it's the way back). As the deadly blade is moving back and forth through the room, you need to move between the horizontal obstacles so that it doesn't hit you.